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Posted by Angela Rawlins, May 2 2012 12:45PM

Please do not use forums to advertise courses.

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Fruitless Advertising Propositions

Fruitless Advertising Propositions
Dear Members

I have read this post:

Leisure Medical UK - can anyone help me with this?
I recently signed up with Leisure Medical UK Ltd and bought some advertising space which will go on the back of some appointment cards at a Doctor's surgery in Battersea. I've handed over £100 and have two more installments of £100 to give for 24 months worth of advertising. Does anyone have any direct experience with this company (good or bad!) and can give me some advice as I've seen rather a lot of negative press about them online and now not sure what to do! I could bypass the £100 if it means not having to spend more, but the thought of giving my full £300 up for getting nothing(?) in return doesn't make me feel good. I spoke to the Doctor's surgery and they said they hadn't had any appointment cards from Leisure Medical in months and were using another company. I spoke to the rep Tony about this and he said he was dumbfounded and would get back to me. Does anyone know what my rights are in regards to not paying or breaking the contract? Do I need to?! Thanks so

It seems that this sort of advertising is still being done with members paying out lots of money for nothing. I was caught in this same trap some years ago and paid a lot and got nothing back.

PLEASE would you take care, before taking up the contract, ask for copies of the cards, brochures and phone some of the advertisees to see what results they had.
Please tell your friends
Jacqueline Thomas
May 2 2012 1:13PM
Angela - These scams have indeed been going for years. I found the best way to handle the call (they tend to get your telephone number from the FHT or CThA website) is to ask them to send me the most recent appointment card they've printed together with their rate card. That usually gets rid of them and I've never yet received any proof they were going to publish anything. Perhaps they could run an item on this in the next Embody magazine, to bring it to the attention of any newly qualified members who haven't heard of these dodgy companies. A simple call to your local GP's practice will usually clarify if they even use appointment cards.
Kind regards
Elizabeth Hulcoop
May 2 2012 1:21PM
Hi Angela

I've been stung with this sort of advertising before when I first started out as a massage therapist. I paid lots of money I could ill afford to have an advert on the back of a doctor's appointment card. I didn't get any work out of it and would never do it again.

I haven't had any dealings with this company but there are lots of companies just waiting to prey on the newly qualified therapists because they are inexperienced in media and advertising.

Amanda Clegg
May 2 2012 1:56PM
Good reminder, Angela. I still get the odd call like this. I checked with the GP surgery & they diddn't know about it, nor did the chemist in whose name one cmpany rang.
Angela Rawlins
May 2 2012 2:00PM

I'm sure that I googled this some years ago and found that this company some times went under other names. I have contacted the CThA office to hopefully try and inform members. DO NOT PART with your money!
Jacqueline Thomas
May 2 2012 3:27PM
I sent an e-mail to the CThA earlier, asking if they could perhaps highlight this in a future issue of the Embody magazine. It's upsetting to think newly qualified therapists are getting caught out by these unscrupulous people.

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