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Posted by Sally Chamness, May 11 2012 4:43PM

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Three Exciting Courses Coming Up at Inspire Massage Workshops London!

We have some exciting new courses coming up at Inspire Massage Workshops London! Get ready to learn from a guest Tutor who is also working with the 2012 London Olympics, learn to blend 100% organic oils which can be used to enhance your treatments and learn how to treat a whole new set of clients who suffer from bowel, emotional or tension problems. Learn all of this in three courses on offer in May/June. Space is limited in these exciting and popular courses that are sure to fill up fast, so make sure you register soon to avoid disappointment!

The courses coming up include:

Certificate in Myofascial Release
June 16th 10am-5:30pm (£130 incl. VAT)

Myofascial Release is a direct and powerful method of releasing tension from common tension areas such as the neck, the diaphragm, the lower back and pelvis. It allows you to go straight to the source of the problem and saves you and the client a lot of time chasing pain around muscles.

This course is being taught by Cameron Greinke who has started working with the Medical Services Team for the 2012 Olympic Games. With a degree in both Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Cameron has also worked with Premier League Footballers in Australia and Triatheletes in both Australia and the UK. Learning from someone with his level of expertise is sure to be unique and very beneficial experience.

To learn more about Myofascial Release and book your place on this course visit:

Certificate in Organic Blends Product Knowledge
May 27th 10am-5:30pm (£130 incl. VAT)

This course allows those of you who are not Aromatherapists to use expertly blended, 100% Organic Aromatherapeutic products in your treatments for an array of conditions. You will be able to use a comprehensive list of blends and balms safely and knowledgeably.

As you may know insurance only covers base oils, not blends. However, once you have successfully passed this course you will be covered to use these products. Balm Balm is one of the few companies that makes 100% organic blends and are certified by The Soil Association. The course is taught by the Founder of Balm Balm, Glenda Taylor who is a renowned aromatherapist.

Balm Balm products are great to use during your sessions and after completing the course you can receive Balm Balm products at trade prices! Not only are they great to use on your clients but they also make wonderful gifts for your clients and their friends and family. A great product and a new income stream for your practice!

To learn more or register visit:

Certificate in Colon/Deep Organ Massage
June 16th 10am-5:30pm (£210 incl. VAT)

Colon and Deep Organ Massage is a fantastic detox treatment. It uses the best of traditional acupressure and energetic healing from the east and combines them with western deep massage techniques to produce a truly holistic system of treatment.

Colon and Deep Organ Massage allows you to treat a whole new set of clients who may suffer from tiredness, constipation, bloating, emotional problems and stress. Offering this type of massage is a unique selling point for your practice and is one of our best selling courses!

To learn more or register for this course visit:

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