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Posted by Annalisa Zisman, Aug 1 2012 11:59AM

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Looking forward to to our next meeting! - Sunday 7th October

We have had a fantastic year at the South West London group with good numbers and highly motivating and charismatic speakers. Our last meeting was a huge success with Chris Parker, an expert in Traditional Thai massage sharing his experiences of running the Inspire Thai Study trip. He talked about everything 'Thai' ranging from food, temples to massage all accompanied by excellent slides. He is even learning the language! We ended with some fantastic Thai snacks and several people signing up for the 2013 Thai study trip! (For information go to and click on thai study trip :)

Our next meeting to kick off the new academic year is on Sunday 7th October with Alan Freestone, a well respected Homeopath. I have met Alan on several occasions and find him an inspirational source of knowledge, with a dynamic lively personality and big heart!

Have you heard things about homeopathy & wondered what it was all about?
It's a therapy that arouses strong emotions from “it's all placebo/snake-oil” to “homeopathy can save your life”, & not much in-between!
Homeopathy is a profound system of healing that can really compliment physical therapies.

Topics To Be Covered Include:
• What is homeopathy & where did it come from?
• Is it effective? What can it treat?
• How does it work? How to integrate it with massage & other physical therapies?
• How past emotions & past trauma's create today's physical problems, and how homeopathy can help.
• Remedies you can safely take yourself & recommend to clients

In the talk Alan will give a brief introduction to homeopathy, explaining it's basic principles & what it is capable of. At the end, you will have a good understanding of what homeopathy is, how it relates to conventional medicine & other therapies, and when it can be used most effectively.
Anyone who has been practising a therapy for a while will recognise a familiar pattern: many clients get relief from treatment, but their symptoms keep returning a short time later. Alan will talk about why this happens, & offer advice on how to help, hopefully leading to a more successful practice for you & a better outcome for your clients.

Venue: Room E111, Cedar House, Froebel College, Roehampton University, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PJ
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Please bring £3 to cover costs and RSVP to this forum or by text to 07790022128. PLEASE only book a place if you are committed to coming and please cancel if something unavoidable comes up. Many thanks Annalisa :)

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