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Posted by Annalisa Zisman, Sep 18 2012 4:23PM

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SW London Meeting - Sunday 7 October - Homeopathy Presentation

Our next meeting to kick off the new academic year is on Sunday 7th October with Alan Freestone, a well respected Homeopath. I have met Alan on several occasions and find him an inspirational source of knowledge, with a dynamic lively personality and big heart! Remember that meetings rely on the support of our members so please make plans to attend!

Have you heard things about homeopathy & wondered what it was all about?
It's a therapy that arouses strong emotions from “it's all placebo/snake-oil” to “homeopathy can save your life”, & not much in-between!
Homeopathy is a profound system of healing that can really compliment physical therapies.

Topics To Be Covered Include:
• What is homeopathy & where did it come from?
• Is it effective? What can it treat?
• How does it work? How to integrate it with massage & other physical therapies.
• How past emotions & past trauma's create today's physical problems, and how homeopathy can help.
• Remedies you can safely take yourself & recommend to clients

In the talk Alan will give a brief introduction to homeopathy, explaining it's basic principles & what it is capable of. At the end, you will have a good understanding of what homeopathy is, how it relates to conventional medicine & other therapies, and when it can be used most effectively.
Anyone who has been practising a therapy for a while will recognise a familiar pattern: many clients get relief from treatment, but their symptoms keep returning a short time later. Alan will talk about why this happens, & offer advice on how to help, hopefully leading to a more successful practice for you & a better outcome for your clients.

Venue: Room E111, Cedar House, Froebel College, Roehampton University, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PJ
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Please bring £3 to cover costs and RSVP to this forum or by text to 07790022128. PLEASE only book a place if you are committed to coming and please cancel if something unavoidable comes up. Many thanks Annalisa :)
Mechelle Prior
Sep 18 2012 4:34PM
This will be my first meeting, will make sue I'm there :-)
Mechelle Prior
Sep 18 2012 4:35PM
Mechelle Prior
Sep 18 2012 4:36PM
Huge apologies, hae just realised I am away that weekend. Will look out for other local meetings.
Saqib Rashid
Sep 20 2012 7:23AM
This will be my first meeting. I will be there.
Annalisa Zisman
Sep 20 2012 7:32AM
Great, look forward to meeting you
Annalisa Zisman
Sep 27 2012 10:56AM
Unfortunately due to scheduling issues with the venue we have had to cancel this meeting. We will post information about the next meeting once it is arranged.

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