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Posted by Michelle Clift, Oct 7 2015 5:37AM

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mindfulness cpd meeting

Hi guys

Having to post this here as for some reason I'm yet again unable to post emails to our members..

Our next group meeting is on Tuesday 20th October at 7.30pm Venue is 5 Nab lane mirfield wf14 9bn
Speaker is Claire Walters on the topic of mindfulness

Looking forward to seeing you there

Michelle x
Sara McGoldrick
Oct 7 2015 2:16PM
Thank you very much Michele. I plan to be there on Tuesday 20th and possibly have a guest as well. warmest wishes
Sally x
Jodie Hudson
Oct 12 2015 1:36PM
im really interested in mindfullness but know little about it. Is there any good info I can find somewhere?
Im very local to you.

Michelle Clift
Oct 12 2015 2:48PM
Hi Jody

It would be great for you to come to our evening,everyone is welcome even non therapists. Claire will be able to give you loads of info. if your unable to attend I could get her to get in touch with you if you could e mail me your details.

Michelle x
Jodie Hudson
Oct 12 2015 3:10PM
Thank you so much!
I'll make sure my hubby isn't working away so he can stay in (we've two toddlers) and babysit
Michelle Clift
Oct 12 2015 3:18PM
That's great Jodie looking forward to meeting you.

Did you know you gain 2cpd points for each meeting we have. We're looking into doing some workshops next year which would be 5 cpd.x
Jodie Hudson
Oct 12 2015 7:06PM
Cpd points? Not really sure what they are?
Michelle Clift
Oct 12 2015 8:23PM
Continual professional development points.
Members are required to gain at least 15 points in the year. If you go to members area and see cpd points on screen. You will find all the info there. Any problems your more than welcome to txt or phone me. 07929797119 xx
Jodie Hudson
Oct 12 2015 8:29PM
Thank you - I was never told about those- I also joined in Jan so best get a move on.
Michelle Clift
Oct 12 2015 8:36PM
Hopefully we will see you Tuesday I will help with ways of getting your points. . We charge £5 per meeting which is to cover the cost of the speaker and also for refreshments x
Jodie Hudson
Oct 12 2015 8:42PM
Fantastic - looking forward to it and I'll bob it in my diary
Jodie Hudson
Oct 21 2015 1:34PM
Sorry I've been so busy and had few problems with toddlers
And I totally forgot about this meet up. Are there ever any day time meet ups?

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