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Posted by Julia Godsiff, Jan 19 2018 8:10PM

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Meet up for therapists Costa Crowthorne Feb 2018

Hi all

Here is a repost that Henry Watson put on the Guildford forum. We plan to meet up for coffee next month (16th Feb 2018) if anyone would like to join us :-) Julia

Hi all,

It is important that therapists are in contact with each other for mutual support, exchange of ideas, and to improve service to customers by a personal knowledge of colleagues to whom referrals can be made

In the absence of any input from the CThA 'establishment' to achieve any of this recently in the local area I think it useful to let you all know that Julia and I have arranged to meet at 11 am on Friday 16 February in Crowthorne.

The venue will be :-
102-106 High Street
RG45 7AX

Parking is available behind the Crowthorne Inn opposite [I think that I'll go there for a pub lunch afterwards :-) ] and also behind the Co-Op which offers two hours parking free.

I do hope that some/several/many of you will be able to attend; Julia & I look forward to making new friends or renewing existing friendships. To help this, I will copy this message to several CThA Forums.

I am happy to be aware of your comments and/or engage in debate on the way forward on this topic.

Happy New Year !
Angela Rawlins
Jan 20 2018 10:57AM
I would have loved to come, sadly I'm away but if you have any other meetings near by, I'd love to have the opportunity to meet. Thanks

I used to be the co-ord for Three Counties Border Group
Carolyn Potter
Jan 21 2018 10:46AM
As a Crowthorne therapist, I would be delighted to come along. The last time I came to one of these get-togethers we spent a little while trying to identify who was also a therapist. Could I suggest that we bring a copy of Embody with us and leave it out prominently so that can identify each other.
Angela Rawlins
Jan 21 2018 1:33PM
Was that my last meeting 😂😂
Carolyn Potter
Jan 21 2018 1:45PM
Yes, there was me and somebody else trying to play 'spot the therapist ' with limited success!
Julia Godsiff
Jan 22 2018 11:45PM
Hi Carolynne
That’s great about coming to the meet up - good idea about the Embody magazine !! Look forward to seeing you, Julia
Julia Godsiff
Jan 22 2018 11:51PM
And Angela, yes of course, we’ll arrange another one soon which hopefully you will be free for, Julia
Julia Godsiff
Jan 22 2018 11:57PM
Apologies Carolyn, got your name spelt correctly this time !

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