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Posted by Carol Dale, Jun 18 2005 9:58AM

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I have been told there is a RF group which meets somewhere near Thornbury, do you know of it, does anyone out there? Contacts? info?

Liz Phillips
Jun 18 2005 6:16PM
Hi again Carol,

I don't know about thornbury but Bath do i will find out more and get back.
Carol Dale
Jun 19 2005 12:56PM
Thanks, I look forwrd to hearing from you.
Heather Joyner
Jun 21 2005 6:03PM
Hello Carol.

Did you get a reply regarding a group meeting for Reflexologists. If so please forward on to me. I live in Charfield, about 7 miles from Thornbury so if you want to get together please ring. I am on the list with Embody.

Kind regards

Heather Joyner
Carol Dale
Jun 22 2005 12:05AM
I havent had a reply yet but will let you know when I do. What I have been told is that Liz doesnt think it is by Thornbury but over towards Bath.

She is still looking into it and will let me know when she finds out.

I'll get back to you when I hear from her.


Carol Dale
Jul 12 2005 11:03AM

I have also found a site called Healthy pages to be a good place to chat with other therapists, or just to read their chats!

I have joined both but must admit it will not fulfill the role I was expecting from the Reflexology Forum, (nothing like face to face) I keep hearing the name but cant find them!

Ah well, perhaps through another connection sometime. If I find out I'll still come back.

Cheers for now.

Heather Joyner
Jul 12 2005 1:09PM
Thanks Carol,

Let me know if you want to meet for a chat and coffee at Thornbury.


Carol Dale
Jul 12 2005 7:25PM
Could do, how are you for pm Thurs 21 July or do you have a preference for another day/time
Liz Phillips
Jul 13 2005 9:34PM
Hi Carol,

Sorry still waiting to hear back from someone regarding Bath forum.

To be honest i dont think they would be meeting now with summer hols.

Anyway it sounds like you have got your own going.

When i hear anything i will get back to this site.

regards Liz
Carol Dale
Jul 14 2005 10:49AM
Look forward to the info Liz, I dont think 2 of us meeting up would be the equivalent to going to the RF group, no offence Heather.

Also I am sure that if you can find the group both Heather and I would like to go along. I can appreciate that they may be 'closed' for the summer in which case I would like to know when and where they will be starting up again next term.

Others are probably interested too, they may just be listening in!

Cheers and thanks for your efforts.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Dale
Jul 20 2005 6:35PM
Well at long last I have been in touch with the Reflexology Forum. There is only one, there are no groups etc.

They just advise that you go to the local groups in accordance with the associaiton that you belong to IGPP (Embody- of course) etc.

I have to say though that although these group meetings are interesting they are not the type of event where you sit down and discuss cases you have which is the type of thing I am looking for in a seroius and sensible manner. Where we can ask each other's advise and give it etc., learn from each other's experiences.

The only places I have found this as I have said previously is on the internet which I think is a bit of a shame as it would be nice to actually know the people you are talking with.

Carol Dale
Jul 20 2005 6:38PM
I have just seen my spelling in the last email - please forgive - not paying proper attention!
Catherine Hunt
Jul 24 2005 1:04PM
Hi there Carol
. I too would very much like to meet more in terms of supervision sessions. I'm not practising a great deal, involved in a community project trying to get comp health into nhs practice which is taking most of my time. I want to practice more and feel that if I can get myself some supervision session this would open up work for me. I could for instance join Healthy Bristol and hope to get some referrals through them. Chicken and Egg. I don't know if supervision session need to be one to one. Had you thought of meeting up for supervision or just therapists supporting one another? Maybe that's what we need, someone to supervise a group of therapists wanting to share and expand knowledge.

As an aside we worked together for Sense Massage last year - we said back then we felt we'd be working with one another again!! Maybe it's to get something together.

would be great to get something together and will be in touch with any further progress



Carol Dale
Jul 24 2005 5:31PM
Perhaps this is something that Liz, you would like to think about re the groups. It seems not quite right to have groups of groups that are not connected to your Embody group. Maybe this could be put to everyone in the Bristol Embody area, by email and by the meetings.

See how many people would like to have these help each other groups, each under a different discipline, ie one for reflexology, one for Reiki etc., We could have then chat after a group talk or if members thought they would need more time that this would allow, to arrange different time.

As usual though I suspect it could be difficult to find a day and time that will suit everyone, that is where the on line chats are useful. On the other hand not everyone has a computer. Decisions Decisions! V Difficult.

Anyway it sounds as though Heather, Cath and I would be interested for a start. It would be helpful of course to have therapists of some experience there as well - not being rude to their of the above of course (no more than to myself anyway!)

Let's throw this open and see what happens, perhaps we should start another subject on this site called something appropriate. "Supervise and be supervised - info exhange" so that people who are not looking at reflexology sites can become aware.

Anyone else with any ideas? Esp you Liz, as you run the E Group - What do you think?
Carol Dale
Jul 24 2005 5:34PM
PS to Cath - I have joined Healthy Bristol and am waiting .......

Liz Phillips
Jul 25 2005 9:28PM
Hi Carol and Cath,

As regards a group attached to the local meetings. When you come to the next

meeting you can suggest it yourself i am happy to support any person with new ideas.

I personally think that it is a mistake breaking up the group into different disiplines.

Embody has many different therapists within CtA, the meetings are for

education/networking and meeting like minded people. In my opinion getting advice

about treatment should come from someone you trust and who is experienced.

It sounds like you need a mentor to discuss and advise you on tratment. I agree

talking to other therapists via a web site is a usefull tool but must be used wisely.

I have a mentor i speak to her via email i can phone her if i need to and meet up with

her 2-3 monthly, we only talk about clients in a one to one.

If in doubt do not treat, find out then get client back, there is nothing wrong with

saying i am not sure but i will find out.

I would be interested to know anybody elses opinion on what has been dicussed.

I hope this has helped.

Hopefully see you at next meeting sept 27 on hemp.

Regards Liz

Carol Dale
Jul 25 2005 10:58PM
Reflexolog Forum is a standards regulating body, sort of and CTHA of Embody is a member, therefore it could be said that the Embody group possibly what we were after here!?

I dont see how one could constructively and in a shortish space of time have a mixed discipline discussion.

Not everyone has a mentor to consult with and I think the idea being discussed here is for those people so that they may have someone to exchange advice, thoughts and ideas with. I know I can for example consult with my 'tutor' however imagine if every past student was to do this (though the offer is open to us all).

I think there may be a desire by therapists to discuss matters with someone who understands.

Again we throw this open to responses.

Heather Joyner
Jul 26 2005 11:38AM

Sorry did not get back to you, on hols.

Not sure where we are at at this mo. Very confusing. However, Keep in touch in case we can get together ourselves, which sounds like the probable option.


Carol Dale
Jul 26 2005 3:53PM
Hope you had a nice break, yes indeed keep in touch, you may well be right.

Cheers, Carol
Carol Dale
Aug 13 2005 12:51AM
Reflexologists who would like to meet to discuss cases, let me know and depending on where we live, we can try and sort out a meet and see how we go.

If you'd like to do this let me know who you are and what area you are in.

you can reply here.

Anyone wanting to discuss marketing and the like I feel would be more appropriate at the group meetings as that is a cross discipline matter not a specific. So I feel you should discuss this with Liz. - or possibly under a chat room like this only called marketing!?


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