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July 2007- January 2008 Embody Workshops & Courses

Thurs, July 12th 2007. Fullday Tour of an Essential Oil Farm(just north of Liverpool)
Phytobotanical Centre, the 1st Organic Essential Oil Farm/Reseach Centre in UK & EU. Dr Jane Collins gives a guided tour of the herb gardens and discusses the history, medicinal/therapeutic uses of herbs/essential oils, different plant structures, storage & extraction methods plus we will collect some planrs and show how to extract and analyse the essential oils. Visit the on-farm dispensary/shop where you can purchase handmade vegetable soaps/products and a ecellent range of gifts. The fullday(10am-4pm) tour including Lunch costs only £25 + VAT. on an essential oils farm.
Contact ShirleyAnn Nelson 01423 564 781 for more details. Certificate awarded.

Sunday, July 15th 2007 A Unique Oneday Crystal Meditation Workshop 10am-5pm
Crystal Meditation:A Discovery of Your Mind/Body/Spirt Relationship
This workshop offers a rare opportunity to reveal the positive effects of crystals through the use of breath meditation and mantras. Experience Crystal Meditation first hand and learn about different crystal qualities and their affect on you.
HELD @ Village Hotel & Leisure Centre, 186 Otley Rd, Headingley, Leeds LS16 5PR
Costs including Lunch £137.
For Bookings contact Kaylene 07757 114 516 or

Monday, July 16th 2007, Angelic Aromatherapy 10am-4pm
This is an exciting opportunity for therapists to add to their skills by looking @ aromatherapy in a different light. Heather Booker has worked with the Angelic Realm since 1999, and has been gathering knowledge/information about using essential oils to bring in the Angelic Realm to help during a treatment. This course looks at the major Archangels concerned with humanity @ this time, and which oils can be used to call in these wonderful beings. In addition, it considers the use of essential oils to help with times of spirtual uncertainity, confusion and crisis; or to call in the angels to help with specific emotional/spirtual occurances.
Held in Harrogate. Cost £60
To book contact Heather on 01423 528 262 or

Weds July 25th 2007 @ Harrogate Health & Happiness Centre, 15 East Pde
Head & Boldness: How to De-stress Stress?
Continual stress undermines a healthy mind, body & soul, which in turn creates more stress. Lynn Gregory, breaks the vicious cycle through a discussion which awakens your brain, energises your system, accesses your life and simply de-stress You!!!
Lynn Gregory
is a highly acclaimed trainer, educator and consultant working across the UK in education, business and health environments. She is trained in Kinesiology, leadership-skills, Personal Power and Stress Management. Lynn's personal style is characterized by clarity and sense of humour.
Held @ Harrogate Health & Happiness centre 15 East Pde from 7-9pm. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to sign in £5/member or £6/nonmember. Lecture worth 2CPD points

Saturday, July 28th 2007 Oneday Auras, Colours & Chakras Workshop
This course provides information about the seven main chakras, 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensional chakras, how to sense blockages,problems and clear a chakras. Colours of auras and their meanings, and how to see auras will be discussed also how to repair damaged auras. Cost £50.
To book contact Heather Booker on 01423 528 262 or

Sunday, July 29th 2007
ITEC Oneday Certificate on Thermo-Auriclar Therapy:"Hopi Ear Candling"
Ear Candling is a natural non-evasive cleansing technique that induces a revitalizing heat upon the head, nose, throat and ears, which is used for spiritual & physical reasons. The deep relaxation derived from the therapy builds the immune system releasing the body to do its own healing, blocked energy can be balanced and well-being is achieved. The cleansing method is less painful than ear syringing with excellent results. The oldest recorded use of ear candling is by the Hopi Pueblo Indians of South-Western America. There is evidence of this ancient practise of using candles for spiritual rituals and cleansing/purifying purposes in many other cultures such as China, Tibet Siberia, Asia and Egypt. They are used today to relax and ease stresses and address problems relating to the ear, neck and face areas.
Hopi Ear Candles are belived to treat many conditions such as Asthma, Glue Ear, Migraines,Compact or excessive earwax: clearing impurities from ears, Snoring, Swimmer’s Ear and Tinnitus. Contra-indications will be outlined.
For further information contact Pippa Watt 01347 848 154 from
ITEC registered Pippa Watt York School of Complementary Medicine

Sunday, August 19th 2007
This inaugural fair has been created by PIPPA WATT & SHIRLEYANN NELSON to raise money to setup a complementary therapy school in Bosnia. The intent is not only to ITEC train the Bosnians how to heal their own people with complementary therapy, but in turn teach those same therapists how to train others to be therapists. This benevolent self-help school will have longivity and will give hope to Bosnians of mending it's broken country.

We are looking for therapists/psychics/others to participate in the event. The concept is a win/win situation where we benefit by expanding our potential client base, more recognition for our local group as a whole and lastly helping an important world-cause.

The Event will be held @ the Harrogate Masonic Hall(beside the police station)and will run from 11am-5pm. Street-parking is available plus there are Odeon & Victoria Station Parking lots walking distance. The venue is very close to the train/bus stations. We intend to advertise the event via Poster & leaflets(we're looking into a printer that will give us a discount). So we expect between 200-300 visitors. To make it more family oriented we're looking into children's face painters and Masonic Hall will allow us to sell Meat & Veggie Sausages on a bun plus bottled water.

In the large hall we can fit twelve 10'x10' booths ideal for two therapists or for racks of clothing, crystals, etc. Towards the front of the building there is a small intimate room with custioned benches & tables which would suit Tarot & Psychic readers.
In order to cover the venue & advertising/printing costs, we propose to charge £10/therapist or reader etc. If you would like to be involved with this worth-while cause, know of someone that can help with hireing out of a stall or would like to donate time collecting money from the door etc please contact myself, ShirleyAnn Nelson on 01423 564 781 as soon as possible.

Sept 2007-April 2008
ITEC registered Reflexology Diploma from
Pippa Watt York School of Complementary Medicine.
For further information contact Pippa Watt 01347 848 154

Tuesday, Sept 4th 2007
Traditional Chinese Medicine: Anatomy of Meridians & Qi
Acupressure & Acupuncture are fundamental to Chinese Medicine. The concept of Ying & Yang is they are opposite but complementary forces, whose perfect balance within the body is essential for well-being. Ying signifies cold, damp, darkness, stillness, and contraction; Whereas, Yang signifies heat, dryness, light, action and expansion. Both are components of Qi or "Life Energy" that flow through meridians of the body.
Mike Freeman is a well-known practioner in Harrogate who will discuss the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine more specifically acupuncture.
Held @ Harrogate Health & Happiness centre 15 East Pde from 7-9pm. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to sign in £5/member or £6/nonmember. Lecture worth 2CPD points.

Sunday, Sept 21st 2007, Therapist Day 10am-4pm
Heather Booker from Serenity of Harrogate have choosen to hold their Therapist Retreat Day on the International Day of Peace. There will be sometime for guided meditation to bring about relaxation, clarity and healing. They have some interesting speakers, and some time for exchange of energy. They will provide you with towels, essential oils, talc & cream to allow you to exchange mini treatments. This day is for our planet and therapists that are concerned with bring peace. Great opportunity to network with colleagues and enjoy some well-minded discussion. Held in Harrogate. Cost £25
To book contact Heather on 01423 528 262 or

Saturday, Oct 27th 2007, Animal Magic Workshop 10am-4pm
Heather Booker from Serenity of Harrogate brings information gained over a number of years, in this interesting workshop which looks at understanding symbolism of the animal and bird kingdom. What does it mean if you have a brown bear as a spirt guide- what do magpies mean? where do the old stories attached to certain animals/birds come from. Guided meditation will intrroduce you to your animal totem-your own special animal guide with you share a lifetime. Learn how to carry out readings with animal cards and how to understand what the animals mean to you. Held in Harrogate. Cost £35
To book contact Heather on 01423 528 262 or

TBC November 2007 Crystals & Gemology

ITEC Holistic Massage & Aromatherapy Massage diplomas
ITEC OneDay Thermal(Hot) Stone Massage Therapy Workshops
Hot Stone Therapy is a type of ancient healing method using specifically heated volcanic lava stones, combined with Aromatherapy Swedish-style massage movements. It is an ancient practice originating thousands of years ago from the Far East which has healing properties for both skin and muscles. This popular treatment has been re-discovered in the UK. It involves the use of hot stones placed on the meridian/Chakras/
acupressure points of the body. Its principles uses Hot basalt to relax and revitalize tired/sore muscles, which assists the body is self-healing. Using heat to bring about beneficial changes within the body are more than just another relaxing experience because it provides a number of therapeutic benefits. Warmed stones are able to penetrate and help to increase heart rate/regulate blood flow, also rid muscles of toxic waste, which build up from stress and bad lifestyle habits. Stiff joints benefit from the penetrating heat, making it an excellent choice after exercise or any physical work.
The stones work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual psyche bringing about feelings of total relaxation. They are created from energy, thus they give off energy, which can be channelled for the healing purposes to the client and therapist. Other benefits for the therapist are that the stones become an extension of their hands, they take the heavy work out of massage and lessen the risk of RSI, tendonitis etc. The therapy brings about alternately sedative and energizing body responses. Hot stones therapy also relieves stress, depression, PMT and some skin disorders.
LECTURER: ITEC registered Sylvia Brearley School of Complementary Therapy.
Anyone interested in workshops in hot stone please contact Sylvia on 01423 505 707

If anyone has any queries please call me on 01423 564 781.

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