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Posted by Katie Treacy, Aug 23 2007 12:01PM

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newly qualified

I have just qualified with my ITEC diploma in holistic massage and am at a loss what to do now. What is the next step? Is it joining a professional body and getting insurance? I have applied to begin a post grad course next month, but haven't joined any associations/got insurance yet... has anyone any words of wisdom on getting started in this business??
Mark Donoghue
Aug 23 2007 4:16PM
Hi Katie,

Welcome to the club! In order to work anywhere, or advertise in somewhere like Golden Pages, you will need insurance. You can get this as a member of ITEC or CThA (membership and insurance works out at EUR180 per annum, or there are other alternatives.

Details of how to join are on this site.

You can check out jobs through the various recruitment websites.

Unfortunately the Dublin ITEC group seems to be defunct now, I haven't heard anything for the last couple of years.

Best wishes,


Katie Treacy
Aug 29 2007 8:30AM
Hi Mark,

thanks for the reply! Am going to check out insurance today...

Don't suppose you know of any specific recruitment companies for complimentary therapists? I know of one,Seynor Benson, but it's really geared towards the beauty industry...

No worries if you don't know any - don't wanna be fryin your brain!!


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