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Posted by Shirley Ann Nelson, May 30 2008 2:10PM

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Next Local Meeting Weds June 18, the revised Course & Other Information from ShilrleyAnn Nelson

Why do you need CPD points?
The purpose of the programme is to enable practitioners to keep up to date, learn new skills, develop your own professional knowledge and allow a consistency in training throughout the nation. In order to remain on the CThA Public Register- the list of fully insured qualified practitioners that is available to the public/medical/therapy professionals- it is compulsory that each member obtain a minimum number of 10CPD credits/year. Students are awarded 10CPD credits in their first year. The main ways of acquiring credits is to attend the embody meetings, courses, workshops & seminars.
LECTURE : Post Graduate lecture worth two CPD Credits
VENUE: The Cavendish (beside Luigi’s), Valley Dr, Harrogate.
To book your seat in the lectures call ShirleyAnn in the new year on 01423 564 781.
COST: £5 for members or £6 for non-members. Tea/coffee/biscuits available.

DATE: Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 7pm-9pm
“Supplements for Healthy Skin:
How Vitamins & Minerals can be Anti-Aging and reduce inflammatory conditions”
LECTURER: Linda V. LeFloch
We are what we eat and good nutrition is one of the essentials for good physical, mental and emotional health. It is common with today’s busy schedule and lifestyle that our bodies can become deficient. Linda is a Biochemist & Nutritionist in Harrogate, and will be talking about how and what supplements can slowdown aging and stimulate the body’s self-help powers. For information on Linda’s Healthfoods shop see below.
1. Workshop on “Chakra Balancing: Why Unblock Them? How to detect when they are Imbalanced & How to unblock Chakras?”
LECTURER: CThA Registered Reiki-Master-Teacher ShirleyAnn Nelson
DESCRIPTION: This one-day workshop in Harrogate, offers a rare opportunity to reveal a comprehensive understanding of chakras and their use in healing the Mind, Body & Soul. Next work shop Oct/08
ShirleyAnn has been a Holistic Healer for over 30 years. She has eight other therapies: Aromatherapy, Indian Head & Holistic Massage, Feet/Hands/Ear Reflexology, Hopi Ear-candling and Hot/Cold Stone Therapy. Reiki energy acts at an atomic level, causing the body’s molecules to vibrate with higher intensity dissolving energy blockages that lead to dis-ease. She will discuss basic Chakra Balancing principles which will allow you detect when there is an imbalance, explaining Why you need to unblock Chakras, How you can Balance Chakras using Gems/Colour/Sound/Essential Oils/Mind & Mood Food. You do not need any formal training in Reiki. Lunch included. For other information contact ShirleyAnn Nelson 01423 564 781.

Half-Day Workshop on “Thermal Auricular Therapy: How does this unintrusive native therapy remove toxins from the ears which in turn can improve common ailments in the head & neck”
LECTURER: CThA Registered Reiki-Master-Teacher ShirleyAnn Nelson
DESCRIPTION: ShirleyAnn will be holding a workshop on Ear Candling and how this natural non-evasive cleansing technique induces a revitalizing heat upon the head, nose, throat and ears, which is used for spiritual & physical reasons. The deep relaxation derived from the therapy builds the immune system releasing the body to do its own healing, blocked energy can be balanced and well-being is achieved. The cleansing method is less painful than the traditional medical ear-syringing and has excellent results. Workshop includes Buffet Lunch. For other information contact ShirleyAnn Nelson 01423 564 781.
2. Holistic & Aromatherapy Massage ITEC Diploma and
Workshop Hot Stone Therapy
LECTURER: Sylvia Brearley School of Complementary Therapy
For additional information contact Sylvia on 01423 505 707
3. Reflexology ITEC Diploma
LECTURER: Pippa Watt York School of Complementary Medicine Contact Pippa on 01347 848 154
4. Crystal Healing
LECTURER: Adrian Rose from Fair Flare
DESCRIPTION: Adrian is a crystal therapist and ethically sources all their Gems & Crystals. Fair Flare specialises in Fair Trade Goods, i.e. Clothes, Jewellery & Homewares. It is the only Harrogate Crystal Retailer open fulltime. Do you or a family member have insomnia? Adrian can give you a possible solution. Next year he will be talking on how crystal's healing properties are affected by tumbling? Louise his wife works in Fair Flare and is a Tarot Reader. To learn more about crystal's properties and their effect on you visit Adrian at Fair Flare or to make an appointment with Louise contact them on 01423 563 355
5. Vinyasa-Slow Yoga Classes: For Your Mind, Body & Soul
LECTURER: Lisa Leinhardt
DESCRIPTION: Lisa has trained in the art of Vinyasa-slow Yoga from Sadie Lant’s School of Yoga. Her beginner classes help you to develop deep-slow breathing, relaxation and the slow stretching & strengthening yoga moves. Yoga postures & breathing exercises can improve not only your Body but has spiritual benefits on your Mind & Soul. When all three aspects are in harmony, you can create an inner peace. For additional information contact Lisa Leinhardt 07979 690 996
6. “Quality Healthfoods” in Westminster Plaza Harrogate
Linda V. LeFloch: Biochemist/Nutritionist
Linda and her helpful staff pride themselves on providing knowledgeable information about their quality health food products. They are an independent Healthfoods shop that only stock quality products that benefit her clients and are “worth selling”. 01423 541 154 or
7. Following my Complementary & Psychic Fayre last summer, I have had some recent queries as to Psychics/Clairvoyants in Harrogate & York.
“Tarot by Tracie” Tracie Geelan’s 30 years experience gives her unique abilities to interact between her client’s & her own spiritual guides. This allows Tracie to tune into each individual needs. Contact Tracie on for an appointment.

Louise Rose at Fair Flare to make an appointment with Louise contact 01423 563 355

“Janine de Mornay” Clairvoyant, Horse Whisperer & Teacher.
01904 786 195 or 07944 205 850

We will be holding an open house to allow you to meet and discuss the current 2008 courses or workshops with the respective lecturers. The open house is going to be held on a weekday from about 6:30-8:30pm @ The Cavendish in Harrogate. It will be held in August, a date will be posted. If you have no website, please call ShirleyAnn 01423 564 781 in July for details. Wine & nibbles will be available.

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