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Posted by Henry Watson, Oct 3 2008 12:21PM

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Squeezy Plastic Bottles with flip-top caps

I have just taken delivery of a large quantity of 50ml and 100 ml bottles and am happy to pass them on to other therapists at near cost price.
For £5 you can have a bag of 10 x 50 ml and 7 x 100ml bottles.
I am in Guildford and can be contacted on 07974 118278 or
Sue Ingram
Oct 3 2008 3:44PM
Hi Henry, Are the bottles see-through plastic? If so I would be interested in just the 50 ml ones. How many for £5.00. I live in Woking. Look fwd to hearing from you. SUE INGRAM
Henry Watson
Oct 3 2008 6:11PM
Sorry for error in e-mail address. It should be
Please use that or my mobile (07974 118278) for contacting me. This forum is rather cumbersome to work with.

Bottles are high density polyethylene so they are translucent and you can see the oil level easily.

At the moment I am aiming to shift them in the proportions that I have received which is 10:7 and it works out as a nice round price. I think my price is very keen compared with local retail and teh mail-order with which I am familiar.

I use the 50's for a single treatment and the 100's to carry a variety of base oils so that I do not have to guddle around with big bottles when I am mixing things in front of the customers.

Hope this all helps


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