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Posted by Lynn Turner, Jan 14 2009 11:52AM

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work expierience

My name Lynn Turner,I am currently training to be an holistic therapist at kirklees college and in need of some work experience has anyone got any suggestion?
Barbara Harris
Jan 14 2009 3:12PM
Hi Lynn,
I was in same position last year. I went to my local slimming class and offered free massages as weekly raffle prizes. I also offered massages to the class at cost price (you can't ask for payment until you are qualified as it would negate your insurance) I charged £5.00 to cover washing towels, heating the room and cost of oils. Not everyone took up the offer but many did and not only did I get the experience but I also got several loyal clients for when I set up on my own in Sept 08. I don't do a lot of business but it is enough for me.
You may not fancy a slimming class, but I am sure local schools would be glad of raffle prizes etc. I did a leaflet explaining my position.
DO make sure you are insured though won't you
All the best
Karen Stratton
Jan 15 2009 11:37AM
I think Barbaras Idea is an excellent one, good luck with your training.
Lynn Turner
Jan 15 2009 3:52PM
cool idea thanks I might try this AT WORK lYNN

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