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Posted by Sylvia Jackson, Apr 6 2009 11:17AM

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Professionals Plus Annual Research Challenge Day - September 30th 2009 (Wednesday)

Aims of the Day:
* To expand knowledge of health matters in general
* To stimulate interest in complementary medicine
* To encourage personal growth & full participation - the topics are researched and presented
by those attending
* To provide an opportunity to gain experience in presentation skills, research & debate
* To share experiences & promote interaction between practitioners

The Topic
You can choose any subject that is related to health, energetic or spiriutal matters, that is of interest to you. Examples include:
* A particular health condition (eg. asthma, macular degeneration, lupus, inflammation etc.)
* Interactions between medicines / foods/ drugs/ alternative remedies
* Healing foods or food as medicine
* Energetic concepts / quantum physics
* A book or article review (in your own words)
* Perhaps you've tailored one or more therapeutic strategies in such a way that it has
improved your treatment skills. You could demonstrate / explain why you think your
inovations have improved your work

We've had two previous workshops which have been very enjoyable, thought provoking and stimulating. Despite some severe cases of nerves, everyone has survived the ordeal. No-one is going to criticise or heckle but those with relevant experience may offer some useful pointers.
CPD's - Attendance only, earns 5 Credits
If you research & present a topic you can claim up to 10 more credits depending upon
the time spent

Presentaion / Demonstration
* The presentation should last a minimum of 20 minutes - to be followed by a general
discussion / debate / comments / sharing of related information
* A hard copy of the 'topic' outline to be supplied to the organiser on the day. Copies may
also be supplied to other practitioners (optional). The outline can be typed or neatly
* Research references / bibliography to be provided
* Although you may refer to therapeutic remedies in which you have been trained, the topic
must be generic - the aim is to learn something that is new to you!

Who Can Attend:
* Members of CThA, students or any other person with an intereast in health matters /
complementary medicine
* Presentations by orthodox health professionals welcomed

* This is a non-profit making day. We have funds to pay for the room this year but usually
a small contribution of between £5 - £8 is usually sufficient to cover expenses

Venue: Athena School of Natural Therapy Ltd. West Midlands House, Gyspy Lane, Willenhall
Directions available at
Large car park opposite the building (free at time of posting this notice)

Organiser - Sylvia Jackson Contact details: Tel 01543 452733 (no emails please)

Sheila Briscoe
Apr 17 2009 6:34PM
Sylvia, I shall be there on the day and I think I will be reviewing Endometriosis (thou not yet set in stone!)

Cheers, Sheila Briscoe

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