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Posted by Rachael Crow, Oct 3 2005 8:33AM

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Embody and The Telegraph 2 for 1 offer

I was a bit concerned that The Telegraph want to print our addresses for this offer.

Normally ads just have the area and phone number, personally i dont wish my address to be printed in a national newspaper!

What do other people think?

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Peta Thorniley
Oct 4 2005 6:55PM
Hi Rachel
We have received the same feedback from a number of members and we are discussing this with the Telegraph. The suggestion at the moment is that we would list the town, postcode & telephone number so they can find the treatment closest to them without being able to knock on your front door. Would you be comfortable with this?
What do you think of promotions like this?

Head of Sales & Marketing, Embody
Rachael Crow
Oct 5 2005 9:13AM
That would be more suitable! (although i decided the safest bet would be to put down the clinic address where i work)

i think the idea of the promotion is great -i was speaking to another therapist who was worried she would lose money- i think it depends how and where you work. If you are based at a clinic who pays you a % per client then it probably wouldnt work out.

Rachael x

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