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Posted by Angela Rawlins, Mar 25 2010 5:23PM

Please do not use forums to advertise courses.

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Declan - BEWARE!

check this site

I googled BT Customerstreet and that is what I got.

Funnily enough I'm sure they've contacted me but I thought it was BT and NO I didn't sign up as I was already having my web site re-done by a friend of a friend:))


Amanda Clegg
Mar 25 2010 6:16PM
I got caught years ago when they were still Iomart, but was very cheap as there was apparently some sort of government subsidy at the time, so just didn't renew at the end of hte year when the price went up. Website was rubbish - tried to get them to improve it but no joy. Moral of the story is NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A COLD CALL OVER THE PHONE - always go with a personal recommendation or someone you've met thru one of the numerous networkting orgnaisations. I've met some really useful people by going as a guest to BNI meetings (they're really expensive to join) and things like Ladies who Latte, Cappucino Connections and Biziwomen, which are free or about £5 per meeting.

Angela Rawlins
Mar 26 2010 7:35AM
The annoying thing about this is they are called 'BT' you only hear that!!!!!!! I think BT should be made to do something about it.
Janice Reid
Mar 26 2010 1:14PM
Hiya - I notice you mention Ladies that Late Cappucino Connections and Biziwomen and wondered if you could give me some contact details please. Thanks Jan Reid
Amanda Clegg
Mar 26 2010 3:52PM and Biziwomen was a local Guildford one which seems to have folded
Janice Reid
Mar 26 2010 5:44PM
Thank you very much x

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