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Posted by Shirley Ann Nelson, Mar 25 2010 7:54PM

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“A Unique Approach to Chakra Balancing:
How to unblock them using Foodaceuticals:Mind&Mood Food, Chakra Reflexes & Other Alternative Healing Tools?”

Sat/Sun June 12th/13th SOLD OUT & 5th/6th BOOK NOW only 4 spots left!
CThA Registered Reiki-Master-Teacher ShirleyAnn Nelson
DESCRIPTION: These CThA approved weekend-workshops offers a unique practical approach to unblocking chakras using;
1. Foodaceuticals: Healing Mind&Mood Food (my provided working lunch, allows you to choose food/recipes from the buffet that will unblock your case client’s chakras)
2. Chakra Reflexes
3. & Other alternative healing tools.
No formal experience necessary. My Chakra Balancing Techniques dovetail in beautifully with all other treatments. On completion, you will be qualified to practise my routine on your clients. Don’t miss out Call me today on 01423 564 781 or

Thermo-Auricular Therapy & Facial/Ear Massage Workshop:

DESCRIPTION: Pippa James will be holding a CThA approved workshop on Ear Candling: Saturday, April 10th in Harrogate. Learn how this natural non-evasive cleansing technique induces a revitalizing heat upon the head, nose, throat and ears. The deep relaxation derived from the therapy, builds-up the immune system, which encourages the body to do its own healing, balances blocked energy and achieves well-being. The cleansing method removes dehydrated micro-organisms & wax build-up from the ears and unlike ear syringing, it is not painful! The treatment is ideal for tension headaches, sinus blockages, children's glue-ear etc and is finished off with a relaxing Facial/Ear Massage. Why not add this therapy to your practise for only £98! Call today, as spaces are limited! For more information contact Pippa on 01423 526 975 or

“QuantumWave Lasers: Like Harvesting the Sun’s Energy to De-stress Stress & Encourage Cell Re-generation!”

Julia Waterton is the first CThA member to introduce the world’s newest cold-laser technology, which helps release stress, encourage pain relief, rejuvenation & better health. Low-level-lasers donate energy to cells which stimulates the cell part that makes the energy molecule that governs the cells’ activities. Works much in the same way that “sunlight on a garden works”. The sunlight stimulates plants to grow faster & more efficiently. Low-level-lasers donate energy which regenerates tissue & cells…
“I, ShirleyAnn suffer from arthritis in a number of my joints and muscular tension, especially in my back & shoulders. Over the past month, I have received treatments from Julia, with good results. The lasers’ healing warmth is soothing and I have found my finger joints’ swelling has reduced and I’ve gained back some movement after only 4 treatments. The pain in my back & shoulders has also disapated too! I would recommend you Book today with Julia and experience firsthand the healing benefits of QuantumWave Lasers!”

Caroline Hetherton Feng Shui Consultant
Life is the endless dance of balance of nature’s forces: i.e. “the five elements” of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. 01904 425 530

2010 Chinese New Year’s Revised Feng Shui:
1. Wind Chimes- change from North corner of your home to compass S-W.
2. Remove seven silver coins from the west corner.
3. Two pebbles placed in compass S-W.

If you have any new events etc… please contact ShirleyAnn Nelson on 01423 564 781 or 07788 614 821.

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