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Posted by Anne Parry, May 3 2010 6:39AM

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Oxford dance camp, August 6-15

Would you like to spend a chilled-out week in a field with lots of lovely people, and having opportunities to dance, sing, and make music? Then Oxford dance camp is the place for you this summer! Not a festival, not a money maker, but an opportunity to offer your healing/massage/etc services for free to the campers in return for a ticket. I've been several times, I love it, and have been asked to co-ordinate the healing area this year, so do get in toucn if you'd like more info (or go to )
Ameeta Sabharwal
May 3 2010 11:06AM
Anne, sounds wonderful. I dont think I can participate this year as we are away in August, be more than happy to talk about it at our next local meeting on 16/5(which I chair) if you wish to send me some more information.
Ameeta Sabharwal
Regional co-ordinator Greater London
Anne Parry
May 4 2010 6:59AM
Hello Ameeta
Thanks for your email - I have copied below the information I send out to people who enquire - hope that helps, and thank you very much for the offer of publicising this for me


Thank you for your interest in attending Oxford Dance Camp as a healer. The following should explain the principles of being a healer at ODC. Oxford Dance Camp is a fairly small camp (less than 200 people), laid back, and very much a camp rather than a festival. Much of the entertainment is “home grown”, and all campers are encouraged to help in the day to day running of camp.

• All working participants attend the camp almost for free – just pay a nominal £20 fee, reflecting the fact that there are costs involved, even with all the volunteer help that people give.
• People at camp do not pay for their treatments – healers offer their time for free in return for a place at camp. That way no one is excluded from receiving a treatment.
• As a guideline, each healer should offer on average two hours of therapy daily. If you are there for 6 days or more, please take a day off!
• You decide when you want to work – this may involve going to the morning meeting to see what else is happening and planning your working day around this (this is what I normally do!)
• If you are able to bring your own working space, let me know. We have some tents, etc available.
• Please also let me know whether you plan to bring your own massage table/chair/etc.
• All healers should be fully qualified and hold professional insurance

More information and booking details can be found at
I hope you decide that you would like to join us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

01344 424655
07790 656461
Ameeta Sabharwal
May 4 2010 8:34AM
Thenks Anne.
in fact would you mind if we post the details on the forum as well? The information is very well presented and certainly enhances the event.
Anne Parry
May 4 2010 7:10PM
of course I don't mind, Ameeta- thank you very much

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