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Posted by Angela Rawlins, Jun 4 2010 8:58AM

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I got a form yesterday addressed to my business from 'EUROPEAN CITY GUIDE' it is designed to look as though you have signed up to something and just need to complete your details -DON'T - you can incur a huge charge of 1000 euros'. My husband recommends to keep the form in your accounts for later reference just in case you get a bill demanding payment!!

This is against Trading Standards and if any of you have the time, please let your local one know if you get this letter.

Angela Rawlins
Amanda Clegg
Jun 4 2010 10:10AM
My partner just got one for his jazz band - I'm sure it's the same people who do the so -called European Medical Database which came to me a few days ago. Just goes to show how important it is to read the small print and be very cynical!
Angela Rawlins
Jun 4 2010 4:43PM
Soon as my husband saw it, he said 'it's a scam' - but then, he has worked investigating fraud and money laundering for years, seen and heard it all!

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