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Posted by Angela Rawlins, Jun 28 2010 8:06AM

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Posted by Keith A. Meager, Jun 26 2010 12:43PM

Myself and one of my committee have received calls from an organisation claiming to represent the 'Emergency Services' seeking therapists to provide treatments.
I reproduce below the email my committee member sent to me following some enquiries he made:
As promised here is some information I've typed up and been circulating around the business owners I know today, and which of course will be highly relevant to our therapist' community given the way that I was targeted by this scam recently...

I have been contacted in the last 2 days by a company calling themselves "Emergency Services Press" who claim to publish a magazine that gets distributed to the offices of all the major emergency services in the UK such as fire, ambulance, police and sea or land rescue, etc.

The person who cold calls will aim to sell you advertising space for your business in their magazine, as well as advertising which they claim goes out on mail shots and email distribution lists. The evidence I have gleaned from the due diligence searches I did on the internet yesterday confirms that this is indeed a long running national scam, where no magazines or mail shots ever reach the claimed target audience. The people behind this scheme also setup different company names and website addresses which never seem to have fully identifiable contact and address location details of their registered premises. I'm sure there must be genuine companies out there doing this kind of thing, but this ain't one of them.

Businesses from any sector or area of the country could be targeted, although in my particular case they were targeting me as a provider of complementary / alternative health services. I asked where they got my details from and the person on the phone said it would have either been through the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) or Embody (CThA - Complementary Therapists Association).

The websites (there could be more) of the organisation peddling this scam are:

And a small sample of supporting evidence that this is a known scam can be read about at these web pages:

As of this morning, I have logged a call with Trading Standards at Devon County Council and will be forwarding this information on to all business owners that I know.

Finally, here is a very helpful webpage that I found of do's and don'ts when dealing with something like this which I took on board just in the nick of time:

Thankfully I didn't get as far as exchanging payment information with them, although nearly did, and I have covered myself in case they try to invoice me, which they have tried on with other people according to reports which can be found on the internet.

We trust by reading this you will all be forewarned.
In light & peace

Keith A Meager
Co-Ordinator, Exeter Torbay & District Therapists Network.
Deborah Flavell
Jun 28 2010 10:38AM
In the past couple of months I have had 2 calls from these people. On both occasions I said that I wasn't interested. Fortunately. Debby Flavell.
Angela Rawlins
Jun 28 2010 3:14PM
Thanks for your comment Debbie, we all need to be on our guard.

Matthew Elgar
Jun 30 2010 3:15PM
Very useful thanks.

Bit late for me - I think I got scammed last year and lost £400-500. Something to do with Emergency Services magazines, dodgy advertising company up in Liverpool!

Marcus Staff
Jun 30 2010 6:29PM
yeah, they have phoned me a few times in Cardiff recently.

David Lewis
Nov 17 2010 5:23PM
Hello all

I have certain knowledge that this is a scam. After the initial contact, I have kept detailed information and will make it available to anyone who is in need of it. Even today, 17th Nov 2010, I have had a number of calls from them. I know they are using the CTHA information and I also know that they are persistent in their attempts to extract money.
Angela Rawlins
Nov 17 2010 5:30PM

Has any body phoned and talked to the CThA, Kush in particular??

There should be a mass emailing to all members
David Lewis
Nov 17 2010 5:58PM
Hi Angela

I have sent this:

Dear Mr Kumar

There is a scam being targeted at the members of the CTHA. I am being targeted at the moment and I'm being pestered for money. I have fortunately kept detailed notes and have seen most of the detail in which the scam lies. It may be helpful if all the members can be warned - The calls are from very convincing people who make claims that could easily lead members to part with their money.

My question is: Can you put a warning on the home page and send an All Member email out to warn people to beware of "The Emergency Services Press";; calls from an "Adrian Wells" Tel 07880661816; People using the names of John Peterson from and Robert Stevens claiming to be from the accounts office who reluctantly gave me his phone number as 0845 4749149.
Angela Rawlins
Nov 18 2010 10:17AM
Thanks David
David Lewis
Nov 18 2010 12:47PM
Hello All

I have had a response to my note to Mr Kumar:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be putting a warning
up on the member's home page to alert the membership to the scam.

Pam Lusted
Feb 19 2011 10:19AM
On 17 February 2001 I had a message left on my answerphone from 'Adrian Wells, Emergency Services Press Office' claiming to be doing a 5 page section on Health & Wellbeing in Emergency Services Journal for Thames Valley, which goes out 4 times a year. Next is mid-April. Was I interested in having a 12 month mention.
Phone number given 07880 661816. I am ignoring it and glad I looked up on internet. Pam Lusted.
Angela Rawlins
Feb 19 2011 12:11PM
Hi All

I was contacted by a therapist from Scotland over this! The poor woman had been roped in and wondered if I could help her. I think she said she was a Kinesiologist working alone. I did say that she would benefit from joining an association like the CThA so that she can get support.

I wouldn't do anything without getting it in writing first, which some seem reluctant to do. I wonder why???????

When I was phoned, I was out shopping so asked the person to send me details in the post - I got nothing!
Kate Roux
Feb 21 2011 12:08PM
Hi, I got a call from Adrian Wells this morning in North Yorkshire. Beware any advertising offer that requires an immediate reply or 'can only hold the space for 1 day'. This is an all our scam and I'm glad I said I wasn't interested but I have paid way over the odds in the past for advertising in doctors' surgeries because of high pressure sales.

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