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Posted by Shirley Ann Nelson, Sep 8 2010 7:25PM

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Monday Sept 13th, Networking Lecture Foodaceuticals:Healing Mind & Mood Food Book now ...

Spots Limited...details below
Complementary Therapists Association
LECTURE: Post Graduate lecture worth two CPD Credits
Why do you need CPD points?
The programme’s purpose is to enable practitioners to keep up to date, learn new skills, develop your own professional knowledge and allow a consistency in training throughout the nation. It enables you to remain on the CThA Public Register- the public/medical/therapy professionals list of fully insured qualified practitioners, and more importantly, is a great way to build up your business.
VENUE: 34 St Mary’s Walk parallel to Cold Bath Rd., Harrogate HG2 0LS.
To book your seat in the lectures call ShirleyAnn on 01423 564 781.
COST: £5 for members or £6 for non-members. Herbal Tea/Espresso coffee/biscuits
Please note we have 4 lecturers/year, 6:30pm-8:30pm.

DATE: Monday, September 13th, 2010 ShirleyAnn Nelson
“Foodaceuticals:Mind&Mood Food to heal Common Ailments”
DESCRIPTION: ShirleyAnn is currently writing a book, which combines her knowledge as a chef & complementary therapist. She will cover some of the more common foods & marries them with interesting recipes. She will demonstrate Japanese Spicy Tuna Rolls(you get to taste test!)To learn more about healing properties of food and their effect on you and your clients, book a seat for SA’s enlightening talk. “This informative discussion will suit everyone.”

DATE: Monday, November 8th,2010 Pippa James
“ ArchAngels: An Introduction to How they can Help Us on Earth”
LECTURER: Pippa Watt York School of Complementary Medicine
DESCRIPTION: 5th Century Scholar Dionysius wrote, “From Heaven to Earth, there are three spheres of Angelic Influence. The first one, closest to God are Seraphim, Cherubim & Thrones; the second includes the Dominations, Virtues & Powers; the third sphere, closest to Man & Earth are the Principalities, ArchAngels & Angels.” The Celestial Hierarchy of Dionysius, with its three ranks of three, was inspired by the work of neo-Platonic philosopher, Plotinus(c205-270 CE). Pippa’s preliminary talk will focus on three important ArchAngels: Michael, Chamuel & Zadkiel. Uncover what each ArchAngel represents to us on Earth, how they can influence our lives and how they allows our body to do its own healing.

Christine Beadle
Sep 18 2010 2:08PM
Where is the Pippa lecture taking place?

Shirley Ann Nelson
Sep 19 2010 9:29AM

All lectures are at the posted address 34 St Mary's Walk book 01423 564 781 ShirleyAnn

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