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Posted by Peter Burrows-Ware, Mar 14 2011 2:29PM

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Surrey Group - Future Meetings Survey 2011


We are yet to have our first meeting for 2011 & those of you who attended the last meeting (Nov 2010), will know that I advised the frequency would change from 10 meetings/events to 5 per year. Also that the meeting week would change to the 2nd week of the month - dates for 2011 will be confirmed shortly.

I have many speakers who are interested in coming along, however before I book them, I would like to glean some feedback from you. Please could you spend a few minutes pondering the following five questions and either leave a reply here or email me.

1. Why do you come to the meeting?
2. What would you like to see more of - topic/discussion/activity?
3. What would entice you to attend more frequently?
4. If you could change one thing about the meetings, what would it be?
5. How user friendly do you find the 'new look' CThA website?

I would be grateful if you could do this by Friday 25th March, after which details of the next meeting will be posted.


Eileen Sargeant
Mar 14 2011 2:56PM

First time I've been able to open web page

Not yet been to a meeting

Interested in exploring different therapies, networking to discover which training is value for money & in demand by clients, networking to have trustworthy practioners I can refer clients to, and networking to potentially establish longterm working relationships/partnerships. I need to soak up any help in making the business side work, what works and whats a waste of time and money.

Hope this helps

Henry Watson
Mar 14 2011 3:16PM
1. Why do you come to the meeting?
To meet other therapists - to obtain inforamtion about what is happening within the CThA - to hear about different therapies.

2. What would you like to see more of - topic/discussion/activity?
A discussion session with CThA management about developing the Association's scope
Shate meetings with adjacent groups

3. What would entice you to attend more frequently?
see 2 above
early announcement of dates AND TOPICS.

4. If you could change one thing about the meetings, what would it be?
More comfortable chairs

5. How user friendly do you find the 'new look' CThA website?
Neutral - not any significant advance on the old one

All best wishes


Hardika Ladva
Mar 14 2011 8:25PM
1. Why do you come to the meeting?
I have never been to any of the meetings but would like to attend and find out more

2. What would you like to see more of - topic/discussion/activity?
not sure yet, would like to experience it first and it may be ideal for me just the way it is

3. What would entice you to attend more frequently?
Need to attend one first

4. If you could change one thing about the meetings, what would it be?
N/A to me

5. How user friendly do you find the 'new look' CThA website?

I like the website, easy to follow and keep up with events/discusions etc

Annalisa Zisman
Mar 16 2011 11:27AM
Hi All
Thanks for your posts. I am the regional co-ordinator for Greater London and my role is to support the groups within the area and to act as a link to head office. We are working very hard to ensure that all members within the region have access to a vibrant and pro active group to encourage networking, continuing professional development and as a forum to stay up to date with industry changes.
All groups will provide a minimum of 5 meetings per year with a varied programme representing members needs.
We are currently planning a joint meeting with the South West London, Central London and Surrey groups where Kush Kumar the Chairman of CThA will speak about the developments within the CThA and industry as a whole. Kush is very passionate about the industry and works extremely hard on our behalf. I am sure you will welcome this opportunity and details will be provided shortly. He will also be at Holistic Health at the NEC, should you be up that way on 8/9 May and would welcome the opportunity to chat to you.

We will be announcing the next Surrey meeting soon but meanwhile it would be fantastic to see you at other groups in the area for the following meetings.

South West London - Sunday 27th March 6.30-8.30pm at The Vitality Centre, Alexander House, 155-157 Merton Road, London, SW18 5EQ

Come and listen to a fascinating talk and demonstration of Pulsing - a rhythmic form of bodywork.
With many clients' aches and pains stemming from being too static, sedentary and stiff it reminds us that bodies are meant to move, so why do bodywork treatments tend to be static?
Richard has treated me on many occasions and I can honestly say the results blow me away. This promises to be a fantastic evening!

Central London - Thursday 31st March 7pm-9pm) at The NutriCentre, W1

The main focus of the evening will be Sound Therapy presented by Clinical Hypnotherapist/Sound Therapist, Chantal Fabrice who will discuss the principles and benefits of Sound Therapy.

Groups really do rely on your support so we very much hope to see you at a meeting soon. I would also love to hear about any feedback you have on previous meetings or suggestions for future ones so please feel free to call me on 07790022128 or to email me at
Angela Rawlins
Mar 16 2011 8:41PM

Henry my group, Three Counties Border Group has a meeting tomorrow evening in Wokingham, Berks. Anyone from the Surrey group is very welcome to attend. The presentation is 'Tibetan Bowls', use and history with hands on experience, also a short meditation.

We meet at the Macmillan Centre, Wokingham Hospital, Barkham Road, Wokimgham, Berks RG41 2RE it is about 30 35 minutes from your meeting hall.

You may ring me on 07932627709

Angela Rawlins
Samantha.J. McCarthy
Mar 18 2011 3:30PM
Hello all :)

to answer your questions Peter:

1 - well initially I came along for cpd points!.. but have increasingly found that the meetings are a great way to meet up with other professionals in what can for some be quite an isolated field of work. Also some of the guest speakers have opened my eyes and mind to new adventures and opportunities!

2 - i think we have already dealt with the issue of cake!

3- for me it is a matter of time and fitting in with family and other priorities - i always come along if time allows :)

4 - i would not change anything as i think the last few meetings i have been along to and the day trip were great, so thanks for organising

5 - i havent noticed any changes on the website so no comments here

Looking fwd to hearing about the next get together.

good wishes, Sam
Angela Rawlins
Mar 25 2011 5:24PM
Dear Peter

I came to your group to meet other therapists in the area and also because I was interested in the Nutritionalist from Biocare. I also attended your day out in the Cotswold to Snowshill Lavender fields and Anne McIntyres herbal garden which I enjoyed immensely.

I coordinate Three Counties Border Group which covers Berks, Surrey and Hants, we are on the borders of all three counties. I welcome all members from the Surrey group to our bi-monthly meetings. We meet in The Macmillan Centre, Wokingham, which is about 30-40 minutes from the Surrey venue.

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