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Conditions of Membership

Conditions of Membership

All Members must agree to be bound by these conditions;

  1. That you meet the required standards as determined by CThA.
  2. That you hold an acceptable qualification in Anatomy & Physiology or other qualification that is deemed “core” to your therapy and accepted by the CThA.
  3. That you accept that the CThA has final authority to approve any application for Membership and that the Rules, Regulations and Standards of CThA govern your membership.
  4. That you undertake to abide by the CThA Code of Practice, and additionally accept you are subject to the CThA Disciplinary Procedures if charged with professional malpractice or ethical misconduct.
  5. That you continue to pay your membership subscription fees on time. All membership subscription fees are non refundable. The CThA charge a £15 administration fee for processing your application, this fee is none refundable. If your application is successful this fee is deducted against your membership fee.
  6. That you maintain professional indemnity insurance at all times to a minimum level of cover of £2,000,000.
  7. That in order to remain on the Public Register, you keep abreast of new knowledge and/or developments and skill acquisition.
  8. That if you have a qualification that requires updating, you agree to undertake appropriate additional training within a one year period.
  9. That you accept the membership/registration certificate and badge issued by CThA remains the property of CThA and agree to its return on cessation of membership or on demand by CThA.
  10. That you have not been refused nor had any membership terminated for any disciplinary or professional matter by any professional body or association.

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