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Student Membership

CThA Student membership is FREE for the first year and offers a range of benefits:

Embody - a quarterly industry magazine for CThA Members

Full colour professional magazine containing news & reports on new treatments, CThA membership news, CPD information, course availability, regional news and research reports

Professional Industry Magazine
  • Features on new and exciting therapies
  • Articles on business and marketing
  • Industry news
  • Regulation updates
  • The latest form the CThA Local Groups
  • Offers and competitions

Local groups in your area

As a member of the CThA you are invited to join your local group. These are small groups set up throughout the UK, they provide members with an opportunity to attend seminars, CPD courses, meet other complementary therapists and are great networking opportunities.

Get more from your CThA Membership
  • Run by members for members, offering:
  • Chance to meet other therapists in your area
  • Training opportunities to help towards your continued professional development
  • Fun social activities
  • Informative presentations
  • Updated industry news

Professional help and advice from a team of experts

The CThA has a team of professionals on hand with help and advice when our members need it most.

Professional industry specific advice
  • Help and advice from experts in all complementary therapies
  • Ask the Chairman

We know that many of our members work on their own and whether you have just trained or you have been practicing for many years, sometimes something comes up that you're just not too sure about.

That is when our team of subject matter experts can help. It might be a question on a contra indication or about a technique new to you that you would like reassurance on; you can ask our team for advice.

Therapy Advice on:-
  • New therapies
  • Contra indications for specific therapies
  • Appropriate therapies for specific client issues

Business & marketing support
  • New business set up
  • Running a successful business
  • Marketing and selling yourself
  • Tax and financial advice

Most of our members are running their own business. Whether it is running salon/therapy rooms or working alone as a mobile therapist, there are a myriad of different considerations to take into account in running a successful business.

We are here to help and we have professionals who can give you advice from starting and running business, employing staff, marketing and sales, help with taxation and business finances, as well as a raft of other key areas.

Business Support is to help you with:-
  • Setting up and running a successful business
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Taxation & VAT
  • Book keeping and good financial records
  • Updates on rules and regulations

Health & Safety
  • How this affects you
  • Regular updates

Health and safety is important for anyone wishing to run a successful and safe business. The last thing any our members want to do is put their clients at unnecessary risk and this is the reason for health and safety regulations.

As these rules and regulations develop, our health and safety team are there to ensure our members are up to date with the latest Health and Safety guidelines; we can also advise our members with questions to specific situations that might arise and what the Health and Safety implications might be.

Our Health & Safety professionals can help you with:-
  • Legislation
  • Advice on best practice
  • Hints and tips to avoid accidents
  • What to do in the event of an incident

Legal advice
  • On both business and personal issues

Legal advice available when you need it for all CThA members. Whether you have a business or personal legal enquiry there is a team of highly trained professional ready to help.

Legal advice on:-
  • Business related matters
  • Personal advice

  • Somebody there to talk to when you need it most

Our members businesses are all about listening to their clients from the initial consultation to each and every therapy given; our members are listening to their clients needs, wants and sometimes troubles. We feel this care our members show to their clients sets this industry apart from many others.

However all of this can take its toll, that is why we have set up a counselling service for all our members, they can talk and somebody else can listen and that simple act of listening can help our members to refocus. The counselling service is there whether you need to talk about work and its pressures or any personal issues you may wish to discuss.

Counselling service is there to help with:-
  • Talking through clients problems
  • Personal issues

Customer care
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Handling customer complaints

Customer care comes naturally to many of our members; in fact it is the basis of our industry. However it never hurts to be kept up to date on current best practice, along with helpful advice and tips from our Customer Care professionals.

On those rare occasions when customers do complain, it can be difficult to know what is the bast way to deal with that complaint. That is when our Customer Care support for our members is a real benefit.

Dealing with a complaint in the right way can often defuse a difficult situation before it escalates. When you're working on your own or running your own business getting good, professional advice and reassurance is invaluable.

Customer care is there to help with:-
  • Techniques for delivering excellent customer service

Access to to a range of discounted insurance offers from Holistic Insurance Services

Accidents can happen to even the most skilled and experienced therapists, and if it happens to you the claim for damages can run into many thousands of pounds, it is therefore essential that you are properly covered with professional indemnity insurance.

You need to protect yourself with the right insurance and we can help with a discount on the standard market rates.

In recognition of the quality of CThA Members, we have been able to negotiate a discount from Holistic Insurance Serives (HIS) on professional indemnity insurance. Once you have joined the CThA you can gain access to the discounted insurance rates from Holistic Insurance Services.

£33.00 for Case Study Insurance from HIS, available only to CThA Student Members
  • Limit of indemnity £1,000,000 malpractice public & professional liability for any one claim
  • To cover practice/case study work outside of the college
  • Inclusive of legal defence costs
  • Nil Excess

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If you are not a member but have a specific question about a therapy, our members will try to answer your question via our forum. Please note that the question will be posted and open for all users of this site to see.

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I'm interested in training to become a complementary therapist

If you are interested in becoming a complementary therapist you can train at any number of both Private and Further Education colleges in the UK and Ireland. To find an accredited college in your area that suits your needs

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You can easily find a therapist in your area that is doing the type of therapy you would like to try; simply click below. All of these these therapists have an accredited qualification and insurance.

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