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This disclaimer covers use of this Website and any promotional material, products, services, treatments and information contained or advertised on it. Many of the products, services or treatments referred to on this Website are not provided by CThA, they are generally provided by other suppliers. Much of the information on this Website has been provided by those suppliers. CThA has not carried out checks on the supplier or the information supplied by the supplier. If you decide to purchase products, services or treatments then you will be doing so from that supplier and that supplier will be responsible to you for those purchases. Therefore you should ensure before proceeding that you are happy with that supplier and the products, services and treatments they provide. Although CThA has taken reasonable steps to check the information is correct, you need to check with the supplier the accuracy of that information before purchasing products or treatments. If you do have a a question or complaint about the product or treatment then you should contact the supplier direct.

CThA is responsible for any death or personal injury which arises from its negligence. If CThA provides any service then it is responsible for providing that service with reasonable care. However it does not have any responsibility to you for products, services or treatments provided to you by the suppliers, or the information supplied by those suppliers

Links on this Website may lead to third party websites. The content, accuracy and function of such websites is outside of CThA's control and CThA cannot accept any responsibility for those websites nor does CThA endorse the contents of such third party websites. In particular, any dealings that you have with such third party website operators shall be on the terms and conditions (if any) of that website operator.

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