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Title and Provider Venue / Date
Indian Head Massage   NO LONGER RUNNING
Deep Tissue Massage - NO LONGER RUNNING IS SAME AS C208

The PNMC Resource and Research Workshop
Hydrosol Master Class
Metamorphic Technique
Metamorphic Technique
Strain - Counter strain - NO LONGERRUNNING
Massage for Physical Difficulties - COURSE NO LONGER RUNNING 
Massage for Special Needs & Learning Difficulties - NO LONGER RUNNING
Aromatherapy for Pregnancy
Releasing Resources - Programming for Success in Private Practice
Sales & Marketing Training for Complementary Health Practitioners NO LONGER RUNNING
Managing Your Practice for Success
Aromatherapy, A.I.D.S. and H.I.V.
Cancercare and Integrated Health

Functional Testing Conference Calls (Introductory and Advanced Levels)

Anatomy & Physiology - Graduate Courses- NO LONGER RUNNING AS A CPD COURSE
Aromatherapy - Graduate Courses- NO LONGER RUNNING AS A CPD COURSE
Massage - Graduate Courses - NO LONGER RUNNING AS A CPD COURSE
Massage - Graduate Courses - NO LONGER RUNNING
Reflexology - Graduate Courses - NO LONGER RUNNING
Infant Massage Instructor - Post Graduate Courses
Remedial Massage - Post Graduate Courses- NO LONGER RUNNING AS A CPD COURSE
Skeletal Balancing - Post Graduate Practitioner Courses
Maskery Technique: Treatment of Sports Injuries
Infant and Child Massage Training
Improving Health Outcomes Through Nutritional Support For Metabolic Bio-Transformation
Women's Hormonal Health Assessment Evening
Introduction to Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (Muscle Energy Technique)
Applied Holistic Ayurveda for Practitioners
Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques
Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy
Sculpturing Massage
Research and Complementary Therapies
Non-Invasive Meridian Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Facing Progressive Disease and Death
Self-Care for Complementary Therapists
Reading and Evaluating Research
An Integrated Approach in Palliative Care
Massage in Pregnancy            (Now Updated: see Course C612)
Advanced Neck and Shoulder Treatment

Advanced Massage/Aromatherapy/Reflexology - NO LONGER RUNNING
Massage and Pregnancy
Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT)  -  NO LONGER RUNNING - SEE BOOTH P8435
Advanced Chemistry and Essential Oils for Aromatherapy - COURSE NOT RUNNING
Colour Therapy  -                  NO LONGER RUNNING
Setting up in Business  -             NO LONGER RUNNING

Thai Yoga Massage
An Introduction to Neuro Muscular Technique
Research and Complementary Therapies

Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner

Aroma Facial Workshop   (Now discontinued - see Organic Skincare Facial Course)  

The Menopause Seminar  - Was C650 A 1 Off - 17.10.05

Crystal Awareness

Introductory Course in Self Awareness
Core Dynamic Instructors Training Programme
Neuro-Muscular Release Technique
The M Technique Practitioner Course

Calm Confident Babies
Purely Balanced Creating Calm Sleep Well Workshop
Japanese Facial Massage
Rubba-bubba Story Massage Instructor Course
Calmastory Instructor

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