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Posted by: Elizabeth Xerri, 27 Jun 2012 4:18PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Acu massage

Hosted in Euston, London By Liz Xerri Bsc (Hons) Cert Ed, on the 29th June 2012 learn how to work energetically into acupoints on the body. Identify and free blockages in meridians. using the points and techniques taught on this day you can gently but powerfully relieve muscle strains and ease knots in the muscles. Working in this way is very relaxing and great for pain relief for clients, and for the therapist, very kind to your body! http://lizxerri.wix.com/acu-massage#!yin-channels


Tiffany Suki Primrose Stephens
27 Jun 2012 5:50PM

Can you give details of the times and the cost. Thanks
Elizabeth Xerri
27 Jun 2012 9:23PM

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry, its going to run from 10 -4.30. Course fee is £75. There is more info on the web site http://lizxerri.wix.com/acu-massage#!yin-channels or, if its more convenient, if you have any more questions my number is 07971 187551. Kind regards Liz
Tiffany Suki Primrose Stephens
27 Jun 2012 9:42PM

Thanks Liz. I was enquiring on behalf of my daughter but she's working on Friday so she won't be able to make it. Tiffany
Elizabeth Xerri
27 Jun 2012 10:14PM

Ah well, never mind. x
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