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Posted by: Claire Zarb, 6 Oct 2011 12:39PM
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Acute Homeopathy Clinic - Whole Foods Clapham Junction

Hello all, I would like to tell you that from the 31st October and every Monday thereafter I will be holding an Acute Homeopathy Clinic at Whole Foods in Clapham Junction between 5 - 7pm. It's only £10 for a 20 minute consultation and remedies. A good example of 'acutes' I have treated recently are colds, coughs, allergic reactions, stomach-ache, nausea, flu, teething, colic, emotional worries such as fear before a presentation etc. Very useful to send clients if you are unable to see them and they need an acute dealt with fast. Spread the word! Thanks. Claire Zarb www.happyhomeopathy.co.uk


Cindy Wingate
8 Oct 2011 5:38PM

Claire, what a lovely idea, and so reasonably priced, wish you were near me! :)
Claire Zarb
9 Oct 2011 4:34PM

Thank you! I'm not sure where you are based but there is also an acute clinic at whole foods in Stoke Newington as well every Wed and Sunday.
Cindy Wingate
9 Oct 2011 4:59PM

Hi Claire, I'm in Scotland, but thanks for the reply :)
Danny Tucker
11 Oct 2011 10:12AM

This sounds great and at a really good price. Do you treat infants /babies?
Claire Zarb
17 Oct 2011 3:57PM

Yes, in fact parents with babies and children are the biggest users of acute clinics! I've commonly treated colic, teething, allergic reactions, bed wetting, conjunctivitis and more. Look forward to seeing you at the clinic. Claire
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