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Posted by: Suzanne Brooker, 9 Oct 2007 10:44PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

BodyTalk presentation and taster day

If your body could talk what would it say? Why not come and find out at: The Bodytalk system is a dynamic, non invasive healthcare system that helps your body heal naturally. It is one of the fastest growing energy healthcare systems in the world. BodyTalk allows the body's energy systems to be synchronised so they can operate as nature intended. It works without the use of drugs, chiropractic adjustments, physical manipulations or accupuncture needles. Foe therapists interested in learning Bodytalk this system can also be integrated seemlessly to enhance the therapies that you already practice. It can address ..... Allergies, asthama, back pain, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, excema, food intollerances, headaches, infertility, life direction, maternity discomfort, ME, parasites, phobias, self confidence, sports injuries ...... and many more. The Guildford Institute Ward street Guildford Gu1 4LH The presentation will be from 10am - 11am Taster sessions 11am - 12.30 pm These will be carried out by 7 qualified practitions and cost £10. Any further information on BodyTalk can be found at: www.Bodytalksystem.com I have been a therapist for many years and have not looked back since discovering this system. It has made a huge difference to my life and to my patients/ clients. I practice this as a stand alone treatment and integrated into other therapies.


Suzanne Brooker
11 Oct 2007 11:01PM

This event is on the 1st november- forgot that part :o|
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