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Posted by: Yvonne Jevons, 5 Sep 2012 5:31PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Conference and Workshops - Edinburgh 26-28 October

Dear all, Please find attached a leaflet with details of the forthcoming conference and workshop in Edinburgh. Venue is the Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh. All proceeds go to One Generation Project, a not for profit organisation set up to assist mothers, babies, children and families improve health and well being using a blend of education and treatment. This is out of the box thinking, an improved approach and outcome for all. Discounts are available for early booking and discounts for booking all 3 days. Are you someone who has personally experienced any of the following? Are you a therapist? Do you work with women/men who have experienced any of the issues below? :- - people who have suffered abuse (physical or verbal) or birth trauma - people with relationship difficulties - people who seem to constantly replay the same situations making choices which have the same outcome - people who don't seem to be very 'present' - people with Post Natal Depression or Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - people who have suffered severe grief and traumatic experiences related to miscarriage, still birth, infertility and pregnancy etc - people who are trying to understand why they are here - people who have experienced a traumatic birth and have emotions related to that experience - people with atlas misalignment or neck problems All these topics will be discussed and highlighted with solutions and insights about how we can alleviate these conditions and states of being very rapidly with new techniques. Are you interested in Earth Work and how you can help Mother Earth lighten her burden? Here's the brief outline:- Friday 26 October 10am-5pm - One day workshop - Secrets of Life revealed How past life influences are prevalent in your relationships today; How we have default patterns and where they come from; How to make choices count; Being present and manifesting as we should be able to; Why life isn't quite as it should be. A fascinating insight into the reasons why and the impacts from other lives which are still impacting upon our current life and why. If you have ever wondered why your life isn't what you are trying to make it, then this workshop is a must to help you understand why. Stalls with a variety of information and goods for sale. Tea and biscuits included (no creche facilities). Saturday 27 October 10am-5pm - Conference Fascinating new information about the atlas (bone at the top of the spine), misalignment issues and it's spiritual connections within the energetic system and body. Diet and Weight - new information about past life effects on issues surrounding weight, body shape, body image and food. Diamond Inguz and Opalescence - new healing modalities to assist transitions within the new energies as Earth moves into a whole new phase of being at the end of 2012. 2012 and Ascension information. Earth Work - how DARE practitioners are clearing human emotional impacts from our planet and what you can do to help. Launch of Joy Wisdoms new book "Shell of Soul" which provides a fabulous insight into why we are who we are with explanations not previously understood or acknowledged. Stalls with a variety of information and goods for sale. Tea and biscuits included (no creche facilities). Sunday 28 October 10am-5pm - Symposium New visions for treating women's and children's health - out of the box thinking - improved approach and outcomes for all with DARE (Dissolve and Resolve Emotions) techniques leading the way to helping people clear in a fast gentle way right back to the soul and through all lives. Sound too good to be true? Come along and find out more. Topics will include:- - women's and children's health - physical and verbal abuse - grief and emotions related to miscarriage, still birth, infertility and pregnancy - Emotional influences relating from birth trauma - after all, we are all born and how we enter the world plays a very important part in how we cope with life. - Post Natal Depression - Post Natal Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Dad's involvement - how does he cope with emotions Learn new approaches that are effective for change. Guest speakers, meditations and clearings all included. Interested? Book online at:- http://www.allonus.co.uk/shop/view/15_Conference/15_Allonus_ZEST_of_Life_Conference/ Discounts are available for early booking and discounts for booking all 3 days. Please feel free to pass this on to your contacts and anyone you feel would benefit from the information which will be shared over the 3 days. Many blessings Yvonne
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