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Posted by: Dawn Spragg, 18 Jun 2013 10:27AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Do you want an easy way to take Credit card payments ?

This is not and add ---- its simply information to help my colleagues in the CTha I hope So many people have shown interest in the unit which I am now taking card payments with I have set up a direct link so you can take a look This young company are simply cutting edge and take all the hassle and cost out of taking card payments simply giving you the time and ability to do what your trained for. How many times has a client have said oooh do you take cards? it also proven that clients will happily pay more using a card so retailing your CDs oils and detox kits just becomes a doddle with the there and then factor. Oh and its totally mobile the tiny unit fits on to your phone or I pad its simply fantastic. And there customer support is just fab speaking to people, real people. Finally there is no charge for the unit and a simple charge of 2.75 % of the transaction cost a lot less than any other card companies I can assure you. https://sumup.co.uk/?utm_source=dawnspragg&utm_medium=referafriend www.healinghandsaromatherapy.co.uk


Ashling Cullen
18 Jun 2013 1:19PM

I am also going to get a SumUp reader as after investigating various companies they appear to be one of the best. Also SumUp allow you to process 'Card Holder not present' transactions which means that you can charge for no shows.
Dawn Spragg
18 Jun 2013 3:09PM

Yes and the menu charging makes life simple, they are updating all the time and seem very proactive.
Dawn Spragg
18 Jun 2013 3:11PM

regarding no shows has anyone noticed that this seems to be more frequents lately or is it just me ? im seriously tinking of when a client first books taking a card number as security.
Dawn Spragg
18 Jun 2013 3:13PM

sorry thinking not tinking
Ashling Cullen
18 Jun 2013 3:56PM

I have to say, touch wood, it's been okay of late but I think it's a very good idea to take card details at the time of booking and say that a no show will result in the full amount being charged so, for example if you were running a promotion, they wouldn't be charged at that promotion rate but your full fee.
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