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Posted by: Stuart Dare, 5 Apr 2012 11:33AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

East Midlands Support Group Success Report...

As expected a good turnout from Therapists and Practitioners all wanting to know How to Earn £30,000 working 1 1/2 days a week, in your massage business. We had 25 attendees ready to discover the secrets. John gave a powerful and inspireing talk describing the 7 steps and revealing in detail the BIG Three things he always does! I will be avidly following the progress of those who accepted a surprise 'Risk Free' challenge from John. They will be starting their own jurney following John's lead to running a successful therapy businesses in the next couple of weeks mentored and guided by John and his team. Exciting stuff! Next Meeting Date Tuesday 22nd May 7pm Zero Balancing - Transformation Through Touch with Phil Greenfield "OMG! I have just had my first experience of Zero Balancing. Thank You is not enough Phil! I cannot remember the last time I felt this Relaxed and as some one who is suffering the effects of Stress and Depression (more than I have Let on!) I was especially aware of the tension in my neck, shoulders and Jaw due to teeth clenching! Wow, Wow and Wow I have just floated out of The Woodlands Natural Health Center in Derby. ( I felt like I was made of Jelly! In a GOOD way). I have not been able to move my neck like this since... Well, a long time and I know a lot of emotional toxicity has released from my muscles. What an amazing treatment, now I really understand the bit about "Psychotherapy Without Words" I whole heartedly recommend this to everyone who is looking to release and relax" Stuart Dare Phil is the author of "Unravelling - Letting Go, Getting Well" published by TrueAlignment in 2010 Don't miss this, I'm giving you plenty of warning to manage your diaries! Here's the link for tickets for this event: http://cthagrouppresentzerobalancing.eventbrite.co.uk/ Stuart Dare


Sandra Mary Smith
9 Apr 2012 1:36PM

Is the next meeting at the Derby venue ? Sandra :)
Stuart Dare
10 Apr 2012 11:43AM

Yes Sandra, we are meeting at the Aston Court Hotel, Derby.
Jeannie Tan
1 May 2012 9:44AM

i am interested please. do i need to get tickets? please e-mail me at: loveyourqi@btinternet.com I am going away from 4-21st may so can only receive e-mail on my phone. ta... Jeannie
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