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Posted by: CThA CThA, 4 Apr 2017 11:17AM
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Free Breast Health Talk

Monday 10th April @ 8pm Fernhill House Hotel and Gardens, Clonakilty In this talk Dr Gerson Machado PhD will share natural techniques for breast health maintenance that empower women and families to take control of their breasts health (male and female). In addition to nutrition and lymphatic techniques Gerson will share how infrared regulation imaging technology in MammoVision can be used to functionally spot and to assist in the reversal of breast disease risk, years ahead of today's standard anatomical imaging techniques. There are no age or density restrictions, no compression and no ionizing radiation. He will also share examples from cases of natural risk reversal (focus on breast health and prevention). The approach allows women and health systems to cost- effectively and proactively focus on enlightened breast health programmes, preempting the majority of the current need for unnecessary biopsies, surgeries and chemotherapies. In short, it brings peace of mind and proactive focus on health and health maintenance rather than breast disease management. About Dr Gerson Machado Dr Gerson Machado BSc MSc DIC PhD is a biomedical engineer and scientist, with wide commercial, technical and academic international experience in small and large biomedical and technology companies in 45 countries. He has experience in natural health services, natural cancer therapies, telecoms, organic farming, nanotechnology, clinical and biomedical engineering including ultrasound and infrared medical imaging. Gerson pioneered techniques for fast reversal of breast health risk factors, quantified with MammoVision, infrared regulation imaging.Gerson's current interests are in biophysical innovations in health, clinical thermography services and systems, nutritional therapies, telehealth, health tourism and agroecology. Nutritional Therapist & Eating Psychology Coach www.alisonkingstonhealthcoach.com 0879917535 THIS HAS BEEN POSTED ON BEHALF OF A THIRD PARTY, PLEASE RESPOND DIRECTLY TO THE CONTACT DETAILS ATTACHED
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