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Posted by: Mariette Lobo, 15 Dec 2013 4:01PM
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Guidelines for chronic pain services in Scotland


Mariette Lobo
15 Dec 2013 4:02PM

I'm delighted the door is now "opening" rather than remaining shut. Acupuncture is, hopefully, just the start and the rest, adopting Paulo's positive, intuitive, compassionate and "let's work together" approach is the way forward. It's perhaps unrealistic to assume they would suddenly take on board every therapy and they've had to make a start somewhere. Starting with "A" in the alphabet (Acupuncture!) and working their way down is good - and I am not an acupuncturist. As they say, slowly, slowly catchy monkey.....It would be a real shame if this amazing opportunity now descended into a "my therapy is better than yours or why have I been left out scenario". I posted the Scottish Government survey about chronic pain a while back on FB and CAM, forums, pages - you name it - and urged all Scottish therapist to fill it in. I wonder how many did!
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