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Posted by: Sarah Chandler, 9 Feb 2018 12:21PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Could you please advise of my rights of a consumer when I have enrolled and paid for in full a course (Reflexology for Therapists) with Affable Training in Croydon - I participated in one class and obtained one book from the course and due to personal reasons (sudden death of mother in January/dealing with solicitors,probate, inheritance tax/funeral/moving back to family home/change on full-time job circumstances) and the possibility of doing an additional exam A&P (I completed my ITEC Massage course in 2010), I decided after much deliberation not to continue with the course. I really could not continue with the course - but when I contacted them they will not refund any of my money nearly £1000 saying that I have started the course and been given books for the course. Yes I completed one class and been given one book - but they still have not contacted ITEC to see if I need to do a A&P exam at the end of this course which is in March. Even though I have given them all the details they need to contact ITEC - they have not done so and I'm my eyes they are breaching the duty of care to me. When they took my fee back in August they weren't very clear about the additional exam that I might have to take - when I contacted them yesterday - Sumita Smith - she said that I should have read by terms and conditions - in my mind I would have thought that she would have asked for my qualification when I paid for the course but she did not - also I would not have done this course if there would have been a discrepancy in my qualification or an additional exam to be taken on. I contacted Citizens Advice and ITEC yesterday (id already contacted ITEC back in August and asked them about my qualification and they said that I would have to do an additional A&P) - According to her terms and conditions which were not highlighted to me I have no rights after I have paid the fee Id appreciate your views on this - I'm thinking that has happened before? I contacted CTHA and was asked to contact their legal department, I contacted them via a letter but have not heard back from them. If anyone has comments/advice on the above, it would be great to hear from you.
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