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Posted by: Denise Hill, 28 Oct 2007 2:10PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Magnified Healing - working with Goddess Kwan Yin

On 11th November in Wheatley, Oxon and on 24th November in Aylesbury, a one day workshop will be held working with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness. This workshop is interactive, and you will use meditation, carry out short routines and some self reflection to prepare you for the final initiation. Starting with where you are and connecting with higher levels of consciousness, this energy flows through all your spiritual centres, aligning and enlivening your chakras to the highest vibrations. During this workshop you will: expand the love in your heart, raise your vibrations and your level of consciousness by anchoring the three-fold flame in the heart; learn about Kwan Yin and Magnified Healing® and hear her greeting you; do a meditation for empowerment, prepare and align your spiritual centres and clear your light channel; increase the energy in your hands and scan/heal the body and learn to heal others and the Earth. You will heal karma and expand the three fold flame in your heart, and finally prepare for Ascension and be initiated into Magnified Healing® Full details available from denisejhill@aol.com. love and blessings Denise


Sava Andric
28 Oct 2007 10:15PM

Hello Denise It's so nice to find someone else in the Oxon area. I live in Cowley Oxford and qualifed some time ago. I have not been practisisng due to long term illness. I have recently left my last full time job and looking for another part time job as well as focusing on doing my therapy work. I sometimes get a little lonely and its a shame we do not have a local group. it would be great to speak to someone who can give me ideas to help me move forward as I have been told by a few friends that I am good at what I do. I was wondering how much would it cost to attend the magnified healing as I am interested in finding out more information and also I feel it may help me to build my confidence. Your reply would be much appreciated. Kind regards Sava Andric (Mrs)
Denise Hill
29 Oct 2007 5:20PM

Dearest Sava The workshop in Wheatley will be held at the Oxford School of Reflexology, Wheatley or in Aylesbury at my home address, and will cost £95 for the day which includes Certificate, Manual, CD and Essence. This workshop allows you to develop and open your heart, at your own pace. You learn a short healing routine which may be used on yourself, on others, and to heal the earth. If it feels appropriate for you and you would like further details, then I can put them on this site - just let me know. Alternatively you can visit www.magnifiedhealing.com. blessings, Denise
Sava Andric
30 Oct 2007 10:15AM

Dear Denise Thank you for your email and it is so nice to hear from you. I have had a look at the web page and it sound very calming. After this one day workshop will I be qualifed to use it on others and is this a one day course only? Can you offer this to clients on it's own or is it incorporated in other treatments. How and when would I have to pay for this worksop. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Sava
Denise Hill
31 Oct 2007 6:06PM

Dear Sava I am glad you have managed to visit the website and in answer to your queries :- After the workshop you practice the ceremonial procedure or routine daily for 11 days and after this time you are able to offer this as a treatment to the public and also to teach MH to others if you so wish. I personally offer this as a treatment to those with mixed physical and emotional presenting conditions as it works on many levels. It takes about 30 minutes to carry out, but it is advisable to allow some relaxing time for the client afterwards. The essence you use during practice may also be given to the client to hold the vibration of the transformation that has taken place. Payment for the course - I request a deposit of £15 to book a place, and then the balance by cheque or cash on the day. Please feel free to email me for my address at denisejhill@aol.com should you wish to ask any questions about me or to proceed. Blessings Denise
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