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Posted by: Caroline Gaskin, 5 Jun 2019 1:15PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Managing Menopause Naturally FREE Webinar tonight - Wednesday June 5th at 7pm GMT

Managing Menopause Naturally FREE WEBINAR In the 21st Century we’ve gone from a time in a woman’s life that barely got press, to a topic of hourly Instagram posts, prime time TV focus & interviews at a Government policy level. Our now massively compromised endocrine (hormonal) systems are shouting out for solutions. Discover how to effectively manage your menopause cases. Hosted by Caroline Gaskin MCPH Hormonal health expert, Homeopath, Holistic Health Coach. Wednesday, June 5, 2019 7:00 PM BST http://bit.ly/CG-Free There are over 34 symptoms now associated with menopause from aches & anxieties to vaginal dryness. The conventional option is still only HRT and there is massive confusion amongst women and health professionals about its impact. For instance GP’s aren’t trained to differentiate between depression and the mental & emotional symptoms that we are now seeing associated with menopause. As hpractitioners we too need to catch up and understand when we are seeing signs of hormonal change indicating peri-menopause in ever younger women as well as supporting women through menopause itself and beyond. Caroline spoke recently at Megs Menopause Conference alongside the top menopause consultants in the UK. She introduced topics such her take on 20Th Century toxicity and the 3 most relevant supplemental supports for women at this time of life as well as homeopathy, flower essences and complementary therapies as choices. In this free webinar you will hear about what will be covered in more depth in the webinar series.
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