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Posted by: Elizabeth Farrow, 7 Dec 2007 8:48AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hello, Since the re organising and decision of the future of local groups and how they would be run, I have not had an opportunity to organise an event. Morevover, I have taken time out recently due to a close family bereavement. I am back now and wish to make future plans for therapists in the North west for 2008. I am the co-ordinator for the Greater Manchester Area covering many districts, as far out as parts of Cheshire. I formed the group to meet the needs of local therapists who oftentimes express there disatisfaction at the lack of forums, training, networking, support and supervision for their work because of their geographical base. Last year I attempted to get monthly meetings off the ground but the meetings were poorly attended and the lak of feedback resulted in my not knowing how to best meet the needs of the members? I plan to organise an event in January, which will concentrate on how to motivate therapists in their work and how to secure and maintain new clients for a succesful salon/practice. The meeting will also allow members to network and to try to establish a plan of action for future events. I am happy to provide training workshops to members, but will need to know what sort of training is needed. Remember, we all need to be thinking about the ethical considerations of continuing professional development, which is a requirement in many areas of practice and for insurance, legal and membership purposes. Above all we owe it to our clients and our selves to be the best that we can be. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members who have turned up for meetings and who have taken time out of their busy lives to respond to me by e mail or telephoned me and offered to provide a healthy exchange of energy in the last 12 months. Next year I promise I will be taking up those offers to exchange some therapies. Happy Christmas to you all LOVE AND PEACE IN 2008 ELIZABETH FARROW BSC COLORPURPLE www.colorpurplegroup.com liz.farrow.cpt@btinternet.com
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