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Posted by: Charlotte Bacon, 19 May 2010 3:39PM
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Mind Body Spirit Show - CPD

Hi Does anyone know if the workshops at the MBS show count towards your CPD points? Money is a bit tight at the moment so I'm not sure which workshops to do - trying to choose carefully! I'll be going on the Saturday and I'm trying to decide between the Barefoot Doc and his tai chi based healing technique, and Eva Fraser's alternative to the surgical facelift. I already do reiki healing so I'm not sure if the Barefoot Doc would be a good investment (although I'm sure I'd pick up some new tips and I'd quite like to meet him, he's got a very engaging face!) As for Eva's class, I figured my clients may be concerned with wrinkles and such like so may be I could give them some tips, prob won't be using it myself yet but I suppose its good to start doing it earlier rather than later so who knows :) If anyone has been before and has any feed back let me know. Thanks C


Dawn Spragg
30 May 2010 10:43PM

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