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Posted by: George Dunmow, 25 Sep 2013 9:38AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.



Amanda Clegg
25 Sep 2013 11:21AM

Would have been very useful if you had mentioned that it's Stevenage and surrounds - no use to me as in Surrey/Hants!
Angela Rawlins
26 Sep 2013 2:51PM

Do these business networking clubs actually work for Complementary Therapy? I've attended a few different ones in the past and haven't found them very successful. Ones I've attended, people seem more interested in promoting their businesses
Amanda Clegg
26 Sep 2013 3:03PM

yes Angela I agree - I guested at BNI a few times but found that their referral system just doesn't work for small (one-person)self-contained businesses. Also very expensive! I do find that informal networking works - ladies who latte and cappucino connections were good before Athena took them over.
Angela Rawlins
26 Sep 2013 3:07PM

Ahhhhhhhhh, Athena:)) Tried that, no luck there. I must admit, I found them rather service orientated, tiling, accountancy, solicitors, block paving etc. :)) I do know someone who swears by BNI, can't mention her name as she's well known. So for some, it must work, just not my experience.
Margaret Marciniak
20 Nov 2013 5:19PM

I live in east devon and attending a marketing seminar for complimentary therapist tomorrow's will reply if Ifind Any useful or handy tips.
Amanda Clegg
20 Nov 2013 6:47PM

Thanks, Margaret - that would be really useful
Angela Rawlins
20 Nov 2013 8:52PM

Thanks Margaret:)
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