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Posted by: George B., 1 Feb 2008 9:10AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

New Embody promotion - ASDA Mini Treat for Mother's Day

A Fantastic opportunity has arisen with ASDA who are running a FREE "MINI" treatment for Mother's Day this year which is on the 2nd March. The activity will run from the 23rd February, and will only be promoted in-store for 7 days, with validity until the end of May. Vouchers will be distributed inviting members of the public to visit www.embodyforyou.com to book a free 20 minute treatment with a registered Therapist/Salon. By registering, you will receive 100 x £100 holiday vouchers to give to any of your clients or friends. There is no registration fee. Please see http://www.complementary.assoc.org.uk/minitreat/ to register.


Gillian Kenyon
1 Feb 2008 10:48AM

Hello George I have just been very disappointed to find that EMBODY have just offered the ASDA deal to all its members but has not declared what payment has been made by ASDA to EMBODY. Up until last night, I have been involved with a promotions house who were negotiating this deal and yesterday morning received verbal confirmation that the promotions house would be getting a PAID contract to deliver the exact same offer. Please note: The H Club would have been offering its members the opportunity to participate for free and without payment from the promotions house or to the promotions house. Has ASDA made EMBODY the payment that it would have made to the above mentioned promotions house, who now inform me the contract was suddenly withdrawn yesterday ?. Alternately, has EMBODY received this approach from another marketing promotions house - if that is the case, why should the membership pay EMBODY to register to participate ?. Please can I also enquire if EMBODY intends to continue generating work for us in this way and if it is thus going to become a marketing promotions house itself. Will you be receiving payment from the companies involved and getting we therepists to do the work for free - or should I say by paying £20 each to you to be listed on the EMBODY FOR YOU site - am I missing something or do we not already pay for that in our membership fee ?. I have been involved with numerous marketing promotions houses for several years now and know that the sums they get paid are quite considerable, whilst The H Club has never had to make a payment to be listed with them. The H Club runs a call centre and matching service for its member practitioners on these types of schemes - again a FREE service to our club practitioners. Is EMBODY also going to do this for the promotions it runs ?. If not, how are the voucher holders going to be screened and safety and security of the practitioners address details etc maintained ?. Can you answer why we are being asked to pay EMBODY for registration and participation in these schemes when we are already paying you our membership fees?. Can you also answer why we are being asked to pay further charges at £20 per year for registration on a promotion where EMBODY is not doing anything for us and is probably getting the payment that would otherwise have been made to a promotions house who worked to recruit and service the scheme ?.
Martyn Nixon
1 Feb 2008 11:17AM

Dear Gillian, Thanks for your comment. I think we need to be really clear on this point Embody is NOT charging for this promotion. In fact we are giving away free holiday vouchers to all who agree to take part, you can use to promote yourself or give away to loyal clients. Just to make it clear there is no charge to take part in this promotion. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear this up Regards Martyn Nixon
Gillian Kenyon
1 Feb 2008 12:15PM

Hello Yes, this is what makes me think you are either: 1. trying to become a promotions house 2. are working with a promotions house You are NOT giving away holiday vouchers. Someone has arranged that one of the travel companies will be giving away holiday vouchers - what are the terms of these ?. - No holidays with vouchers in school holiday or peak times? - £100 off of whose holiday - and how much do you have to spend to get £100 off - Can more than one voucher be used for the same holiday - Can each person have a voucher is it only one per booking made, ie the whole family has only one voucher These vouchers are used by all the promotions houses just as the vouchers they use for 'FREE' therapies - it is to create footfall and income for the holiday firm. It is the holiday company that is giving away the vouchers - the therapists are just a way of distributing them !. Shouldn't we charge for distributing these vouchers for the holiday firm ? Just like the people who get paid to leaflet drop vouchers into people's postboxes. We aren't getting anything for 'FREE'. We are, if we choose to use them ourself, going to have to PAY FOR THE HOLIDAY which will have to cost more than £100 to get £100 off - you haven't said how much more than £100 we/our clients will have to spend - what's the betting we can't use them on holidays that are already discounted either ?. You may not be asking people for money on this promotion so why are you asking them to pay money for inclusion in the other promotions - come on, answer the question - how much is EMBODY being paid to get the membership to participate ?
Alison Holvey
3 Feb 2008 2:33PM

George Can you tell me how and who we claim payment from for the 20 minute treatment? Or are the holiday vouchers and possible new clients the incentative/ Regards Alison
George B.
3 Feb 2008 8:44PM

Alison "Can you tell me how and who we claim payment from for the 20 minute treatment?" You cannot claim any payment, it is a free treatment. "Or are the holiday vouchers and possible new clients the incentative." Yes, that's correct. Kind regards, George
Amanda Clegg
13 Feb 2008 12:53PM

This seems to be a difficult area. I took part in the first Telegraph offer, which did recruit me quite a few clients (some of whom I still have today, so I'm not too bothered about having client-retention problem.) However, subsequent ones have been very dissappointing - Sainsbury and one of hte other national dailies drew a complete blank, and the last telegraph one resulted in mostly existing clients collecting vouchers, so proved very expensive for me, especially as I had to pay Embdoy for the priviledge of taking part. Furthermore, my recollection was that in early stages of these schemes you said were picking therapists from different areas geographically, so there woudn;t be too much competition. That didn't work out. All in all, I have opted not to pay the registration fee asked by Embody: I don't think this is a particularly fair system. The NEwspapers definitely get the best deal in that they get more sales. We are in effect being asked to subsidise their marketing. I think the above mentioned Asda campaign takes the biscuit - they're not even provideing the holiday vouchers, so we're being asked to subsidise the holiday company as well. And all this, in a market where we now cannot advertise ourselves directly in newspapers due ot the government crackdown on the sale of sexual services. But that is another topic which I really woudl like some advice and discussion on. kind regards Amanda Clegg
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