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Posted by: Una Tucker, 17 Dec 2014 5:55PM
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New Website Launch

My company, Kneads Must, has just rejigged our website to make it both more commerce and social media-friendly. It's at http://kneadsmust.com/ and the change has been a long and costly process. We have now added a 'Kneader Moves' page that shows all the moves our tool can do (it's amazing how technology leaves you behind - just a couple of years ago, the product's DVD was cutting edge and now it's practically obsolete with iPhones and Apps!). It's sometimes hard to be both a therapist and a business woman as one tends to negate the other. The therapist in me still loves the old site, which was very understated and organic, but I understand that our company has to move with the times, especially when we are about to launch a new arm to Kneads Must, which will be on-site massage with our tool, The Kneader. Having recently qualified in On-Site massage (Swedish Massage was always my main therapy) it's a bit out of my comfort zone but that is the way we learn and grow. At least I will get back to massaging more regularly, which I am really looking forward to!
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