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Posted by: Yvonne Jevons, 30 May 2008 4:11PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

QV Reiki workshops

QV Reiki = This is an advanced, faster and evolved form of Reiki. This Reiki level is quite incredible. To get to this, you do need to have completed your Reiki Master Degree. QV Reiki will teach you how to take what you already know and drive it into warp speed. It is much faster to work with and has the ability to offer extremely fast healing. It is an exceptionally loving energy and comes from a much higher frequency. The client leaves "happy" and "uplifted". Your healing abilities to help others will jump from extraordinary to ultra extraordinary. Your enlightenment in the third dimension will excel through the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is a journey that will not only excel you, but our world. You are making a DIFFERENCE now, but the more people who go to this level, the more positive and loving the world will become - even greater and much sooner! The LIGHT will overcome the DARK. It is a hundred times quicker than traditional Reiki and flows directly out of the finger tips. It basically 'wipes the slate clean' for people by clearing past generations of issues or beliefs which aren't theirs, so that they can move on with own life on their own terms without excess baggage - if this is what they choose to do. Remember, as a healer, we do not take on any of the aliments, illness, aches, pain, disease, karma, dharma, etc. The more detached we are from the outcome, the better the client is healed and the more clients you heal the better you feel, as this wonderful universal energy flows through you...you also receive a healing. The more people that are initiated and attuned to QV...the more healings that will take place and the more the worlds energy will change. The Earth is asking us to please connect with the Universe so that she can survive...it is our duty to do so. Please join us in this remarkable and beautiful journey! June 19th - QV single day, Edinburgh For Reiki Masters only. 10 places available. Cost £175 June 23rd - QV single day, Newcastle For Reiki Masters only. 10 places available. Cost £175 June 25th - QV single day, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire For Reiki Masters only. 10 places available. Cost £175 Certificates issued on successful completion of two case studies and an assessment. So, if you feel drawn to experiencing some of the same and feel a life changing experience is just what you need to fulfill your soul potential, please do get in touch!! Yvonne Jevons QV Reiki Master Teacher www.rainbowholistics.com
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