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Posted by: George B., 31 Jul 2005 12:33AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


3 new Embody websites are being launched: www.EmbodyForYou.com www.EmbodyProfessional.com www.EmbodyBusiness.com The full consumer launch will be in November, but various features including much enhanced search and listing features, seperate Professional and Business registers etc are available immediately. You can use your existing login and password to log in to www.EmbodyProfessional.com, where you can add descriptive text to your listing, and a photograph as well. Some example listings: http://www.embodyforyou.com/EB/?k=178130 http://www.embodyforyou.com/EB/?k=173343 http://www.embodyforyou.com/EB/?k=159613 Please respond here with any questions or suggestions you have! I'm working hard with our new marketing team to make the new sites a big success. George Embody Web Admin


Mariette Lobo
10 Aug 2005 12:26PM

George - I'm confused. Went to the website and found 2 entries under my name. The first one had relevant details but I couldn't (as suggested in your email) add anything further to it (like a brief biog). I click on the 2nd entry and got the message "professional no longer listed". HELP!
George B.
10 Aug 2005 9:56PM

Mariette, You should be able to go into the members section of www.EmbodyProfessional.com and adjust your listing ( login in the same as you do when posting here ). There are now effectively 2 listings - one for your "business" and one for your "professional" record. The business shows when you search by postcode or treatment etc. on www.EmbodyForYou.com ( and has a link to your professional record ). The double listing on the professional register was related to your being a local group administrator, it looks like Pat put you on again when she should have used your existing record, however it was also inconsistent, so I have fixed that ( should now only show once on surname search ). Please let me know here if you still have any difficulty! Thank you very much for the feedback. George
Mariette Lobo
11 Aug 2005 8:08AM

Thanks for very clear instructions, George. Have updated listings. There is a bit of overlap as some entries appear twice under slightly different headings (eg aromatherapy and clinical aromatherapy). I have ticked everything I do which applies. Hope this is ok. How would I get a photograph in? Very please with the way the web-based initiative is developing. I just wish members would use it more and so take a more proactive and participative approach to their profession. It's the only way forward.
Mariette Lobo
11 Aug 2005 8:30AM

Sorry George - one more query. I went back to my listing to refine the entry but the amended text hasn't "taken". Tried several times but it keeps showing the original text entry which I would like amended. Obviously, I will be refining and updating frequently and wondered if you instruct how to go about this. Thanks.
George B.
11 Aug 2005 9:29AM

Mariette, Thanks again for your feedback, it is very valuable. << How would I get a photograph in? >> There should be a link in the members menu "Image Upload". Please let me know if it isn't there. You use the "Browse" buttons to select an image on your local hard drive, then "Upload" to upload the photo. Probably I should put a reference in to uploading photos in the listing update screen ( I may even integrate the upload in there - that may be more intuitive ). << Tried several times but it keeps showing the original text entry which I would like amended. >> Did you press F5 to refresh? There is a note in the Members Area introduction about this, but if you missed it others will too! I will have a think about how to make this clearer. Best regards, George
Mariette Lobo
11 Aug 2005 9:35AM

Yes, I saw the instruction about pressing F5. However, F5 on my fancy keyboard says "undo". Anyhow, I pressed and got no result. I also tried just the number 5 key and zilch happened. Briefly, my keyboard has a top row of keys number F1 to F12 all of which have pre-set functions - (new; reply; forward; send; undo; redo; print; save; my comp; my doc; my pic; my music). Then there is a row below with just the numbers 1 to 0 and then 0. So, I'll wait further instructions from you!
George B.
11 Aug 2005 9:21PM

Mariette, You can also Refresh by using View / Refresh, or the button with two green arrows going in a circle. Sorry about my slow responses, I'm on a walking holiday in the lake district! George
Mariette Lobo
11 Aug 2005 10:22PM

By jove, George, it worked! Please do enjoy the rest of your holiday. I'm so sorry I bothered you.
Rosemary Johnson
11 Sep 2005 10:27PM

A suggestion/problem report: Please can there be a space in the database ("my details" section??) to insert the postcade areas where we usually work? This is so we can be found in the "Find a therapist" section in the area we want to be working in. For example: a therapist may be home-based, and not (absolutely not!!) want to give our her home address to the public. She works mainly mobile, occasionally at home for trusted regular clients, and does a couple of sessions in local health/sports centres. To get round the problem of not giving out home address, she rents the services of an instant office service. She wants people to be able to contact her, so gives out the "instant office" address as her postal address. She does *not* want to be coming up on the "Find a Therapist" search under the area of her instant office or mailbox service, as it is not near where she lives or works. SHe *does* want to feature on the "Find a Therapist" for the area she does work. I don't thinkn there's any way of doing this at present, [Example, in case the above is not clear. A therapist lives near Liverpool, in postcode area CH62. She works one day a week at her local sports centre in CH45. She also does sessions in central Liverpool (L1) and volunter work for a community group in L8. Between those, she works mobile, mainly based around the sports centre, and in city centre offices. So she wants to come up in a 2find a therapist2 search in L1, L2, L8 and CH45. She gets her mail sent to and processed by British Monomarks in London WC1. She does *not* want to be appearing in "Find a therapist" searches in London WC1!] If I've missed something, I'm sure someone will elucidate. Currently it seems the only way to come out right in the therapist searches is to use the postcode field of the address to put in the postcode of the areas you cover, which means you can't then give *any* postal address to be contacted at. I don't think I can be the only one who has a box number or "rent-an-office" address rather than using my home address for public purposes, so others must be affected too. Rosemary ]PS: I tried to give people this feedback at the expo today; but don't know if it will get through the general expo commotion, and don't think the people I was talking to were able to understand the point.]
George B.
12 Sep 2005 8:14AM

Thanks for the feedback Rosemary. There might have to be some charge for multiple listings, otherwise members could advertise for a large number of postcodes, ending up with a chaotic situation which would undermine the search process. One solution to that would be a "pay-per-click" model for listings, unfortunately that introduces a lot more complexity. Hmm, not sure we want to go there. Currently it is possible to add an extra business listing for £30. Well, it needs careful consideration, I'm not sure of the best route forward. I'll continue to think it over and discuss with colleagues. Thanks again, George Embody Web Admin
Rosemary Johnson
12 Sep 2005 7:33PM

Thanks for the rapid response, George. Let's eep it simple - and leave out *multiple* postcode listings. [In my example, this would mean the therapist would have "CH45" as the area she worked.] But the one postcode should be where she is working, not her postal address, if this is different. And she should *not* be coming out of a search in an area where she doesn't work. BTW, I tried this again, and my details aren't coming up in the area where my box number is *either*! - what is it I haven't done (or haven't done right)? Rosemary
George B.
12 Sep 2005 8:40PM

Rosemary, For some reason you were not on the original register, so you never had a listing. I have adjusted this, so your listing is now showing - see for example http://www.embodyforyou.com/Find/?advanced=0&therapy=&code=WC1N&results=1 Note that you should put in the full postal address - we only store one address, and it is used for all our correspondence with you. Of course a full postcode may be enough, but it is best to be sure. You can choose whether to show the full address on your listing in your using the "Show Full Address" tick box in "My Listing". That is generally appropriate for business premises, but probably not for those working from home. Hope this helps! George
Rosemary Johnson
12 Sep 2005 11:37PM

Hi George, Thanks for sorting out the register non-entry. But now it's doing exactly what I said - it's pulling me out on the "find a therapist" under WC1 - which is worse than useless for me, as I don't work or live anywhere near there! Please can we have a facility to put in the postcode area where we actually **work**, so that prospective clients can find us in the area we are working. It's not going to any use for clients either, if they want to find a therapist in their area, and what the search pulls up for them is people who rent mail boxes in the area but live and work miles away! It's nothing to do with *multiple* addresses or areas of work; simply that the contact postal addresses is not in the same postcode as where we actually *are*. I don't know how to explain this acy more clearly!!! - but I'm sure there must be plenty of other people in the same situation. Rosemary
Rosemary Johnson
13 Sep 2005 12:04AM

Arrgh. I've now found the "my listing" option George mentioned, and tried to check and update my details. When I try to follow the "update" link, I get an internal server error and a stack dump trace report. Help! Rosemary
George B.
13 Sep 2005 7:06AM

Rosemary, Oh dear, that's not good. Just to confirm, you were in "My Listing" on www.EmbodyProfessional.com, and pressed the "Update" button ? Had you made any changes to the form? ( which fields ) It may be a transient error, because I cannot reproduce it now. I don't think I was working on the site at the time ( if it was around 12.00am last night ), but if I was that could be the explanation. If it happens again could you post the full error message you are seeing, that would be a big help for me to sort it out. I'm scratching my head at the moment! George
Rosemary Johnson
13 Sep 2005 6:55PM

Yes, that's where I was, and yes, I'd made changes (that why I tried to take the "update" link). I will tyr it again and see what happens. I can't post the whole error message - it was several pages long of stack dump info! ANy more news on the question about coming out in searches for the right area? Roseamry
Rosemary Johnson
13 Sep 2005 7:17PM

OK, I tried again and it did it again. This was "update my listing" in EmbodyProfessional.com members area. I checked the box that appears as link no. 29, added some text to opening hours, selected 4 of the treatments offered links, (can't remember Nos, sorry), and then update. Is it possible it gets confused if you don't fill in something for every category? Error messages were: Alert!: HTTP#/1.1 500 Internal Server Error then a new pagewith the stack trace: Server error in '/' Application Object reference not set to an instance of an object. there;s then a description of this error, which I didn't find very descriptive but I presume it comes from the package, not written by Embody! Then there's a listing of what looks like lines 103 to 107 of some sort of source code (Javascript???) and something about "Should it have been?" which made me wonder if the programme couldn't cope with empty fields. Then there's 3 pages of stack trace, which meant nothing to me and which wouldn't fit on the back of my old envelope, and I ertainly didn't want to retype. Let me know if this makes sense to you or if you want more info. Rosemary
George B.
14 Sep 2005 11:28AM

Thanks Rosemary, I've being trying to repoduce it but haven't succeeded yet. You should be able to copy and paste the whole error screen into here rather than retyping it. The 3 lines of source code would be very useful to me, it will tell me where the code is crashing, which is a big help. I'm a little bit confused by "I checked the box that appears as link no. 29" Are you using a specialist text-only browser or something? I'm not sure where the "29" is coming from. Sorry for all the trouble... a few more questions... Does it happen every time? What if you just change nothing and click Update? Thanks very much for your help, I'd very much like to get the problem sorted out. George
Rosemary Johnson
15 Sep 2005 12:53AM

Hi George.23 Yes, I'm partially-sighted and using text-only, including Lynx browser. Lynx numbers the links on a page, starting from the tp, in the order the tab will tab round them. This makes navigation quicker, if I happened to know, for example, I wanted link 45, as I could type it in rather than doing all the tabbing. Not having windows I can't cut and paste anything. It has produced that error every time I have tried it. I haven't yet tried to select update on an unchanged screen but will do so... ... Just done it, and yes it gives the same answer. Here's the affected lines of source code: Line 103: var files = Request.Files; Line 104: var file = files[ids]; Line 105: if (file.ContentLength>0) line 106: { Line 107: var ct=file.ContentType; // Not stored but maybe it should be Source File: C:InetpubwwwrootEmbodyForYouio.asp Line: 105 Hope this helps - or at least means something to you. Last time I did any amount of programming, it was in Fortran! Rosemary
George B.
15 Sep 2005 6:42AM

Rosemary, All is now explained, it was related to the Lynx browser ( I won't go into any more detail!) I have made a change that should fix the problem, if you wish to retry. Will also try to get hold of Lynx and test it myself. Many thanks, George
George B.
15 Sep 2005 7:03AM

I think it now works Ok with Lynx. I did find using Lynx quite difficult, but managed in the end! Best regards, George
Rosemary Johnson
15 Sep 2005 6:59PM

Thanks a lot, George. I'll try it again and report back. I started off on the web on Lynx, back in the days before windoze was common, so find it far easier than grappling with a gui. I have to admit the way it is set up can make it more or less easy. The one I use is the public service available ot guest.sailor.lib.md.us (in a telnet session). FOr various technical reasons mainly to do with demon not knowing a better way.... ANy advance on the issue of people with postal addresses somewhere other than where they actually work? Rosemary
George B.
15 Sep 2005 11:04PM

> ANy advance on the issue of people with postal addresses somewhere other than where they actually work? Not yet. I have put it on my list of "issues", but don't expect anything too soon. George
Rosemary Johnson
15 Sep 2005 11:48PM

Just tried it again and it has - apparently - worked. Now i just (?) have to hone the prose and update it again to make it appealing. Tomorrow's task; too late and eyes too fuzzy now. Thanks for sorting that out, George. Rosemary
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