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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 25 Mar 2008 5:08PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Access to Members Email Addresses

Just thought I would let the co-ordinators know that you are not permitted to have members email addresses. Apparently, it is not company policy! I, was given a list of members names, addresses and yes - email addresses when I first took over Three Counties. Before I could officially take over the group, I had to sign a document ensuring confidentiality and conditions on data protection. As this document was seriously out of date, my husband with knowledge of company law, re-wrote it. The document was accepted by John Dent. I understand, that there may, or may not be trouble with viruses, but you can get these from anywhere. You cannot be certain where you get them from. It is exceedingly important for everyone to have up to date software to aid prevention of infection. Not being able to have members email addresses to send them newsletters severely restricts contact and thus, the groups are not attended. The web site only gives you some names and addresses, it is far too expensive these days in materials and manpower time to post out newsletters. The forums are not well used and therefore members are not aware of where the local groups are.
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