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Posted by: Chris Plumtree (Web Administrator), 18 May 2007 4:03PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Information to give to members


Deborah Knight
29 May 2007 9:46PM

As a new and naive therapist I signed up for an advert in a doctor's surgery magazine. I later regretted this as over the two years of my contract I gained one client. Last year another therapist phoned me to ask what I thought of this way of advertising, she had managed to stave off the salesman (who like my experience was very pushy) and I advised her to think very hard before signing up. I'm glad I was able to warn her. Deborah
Angela Rawlins
30 May 2007 10:06PM

Deborah Sorry you have been caught up, so was I. Unfortunately I had signed up and then heard all the negative stuff even before I had the advert in. Boy, was I down. I don't know anyone who has signed up to these thing who has had one client and it's so expensive. Make sure that your doctors surgery is putting the booklets out for patients to pick up and also the appointment cards. A month or six weeks ago I went in and found that they had not any on show. I spoke to the receptionist and she had said they had run out and were not getting any more until the new booklet as they had had a new doctor join!! That meant that I was not getting months of advertising, which I had paid for.( I'd got two quaters to go before the end) Plus, they take your money and it took them the first quater(you pay for) to print the booklet and have it approved by the surgery. Which means I have paid for advertising I haven't had. I, took it on myself to tell the surgery how much we as advertisers were paying - they were shocked. I think they said they got it for free! They do not nessesarily know all that it entails. One hard lesson.
Dilshad Dewshi
9 Aug 2007 7:24PM

Re: Medical Leisure (Scam) .I was acam by them in 2005/6 and paid £117.50. Was not happy with their advert. and they agreed to send me the proof and also agreed to change it to the way I wanted. I sent the draft but they did not print it. Instead they aent me a card with other 4-5 adverts by beautians, solicitors, etc. and demanded more money. I disputed anout their poor quality, etc. Ever since they send me a bill demanding to make further payments. Today, after 3 - 4 months, they have sent me the proof of the card without amending it for my approval. 2 months ago they sent me a threatening letter. They are playing games with me and I suppose with other ITEC therapist who have been a victim by them. I will ignore this proof and do nothing until I receive another letter fr. them. I will then contact the Trading Standard.
Angela Rawlins
10 Aug 2007 8:51AM

Hi Dilshad I wouldn't leave it any longer - take legal advice! Go to the citizens advice beaureau or a solicitor who make give you a short slot cheaply. Luckily my husband sent the one I got into a letter on the attack, mind you he does have some legal kowledge and also a team of legal eagles at his disposal for advice:))
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