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Posted by: Susan Hill, 4 Oct 2007 3:13PM
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list of current members for coordinators

Is anyone having any success getting a list of their members? I've tried several times and either the link does not appear or it takes me to a blank page. Help someone please! And what are other coordinators' views of the pre-paid card? I'm a bit reluctant to give out my details to yet another company and don't really understand what the benefit is. I'm told by CThA that we get the £100 for the local group whether we take out the card or not, but we'd have to send receipts as in the past. Best wishes Susan


Lisa Handley
4 Oct 2007 5:34PM

susan, hi I am a local co-ordinator and I am also having trouble getting the members list up, also I don't know if it is such a good idea that the public can access it which is how it looks at the moment. As for the card, I am completely confused, we are only a small group and don't use a card for any purchases so I don't see how it can help us at the moment.Lisa
Angela Rawlins
4 Oct 2007 7:01PM

Hi Both I'm Three Counties co-ordinator. My husband is in merchant banking so I always put this sort of thing past him - he says get the card, use the money close account. The fees are extortionate! You can, I think go to an ATM and get the money out. I have to say, that it is an easier method for The CThA to give us the money. The only other way is to credit the groups bank account - if you have one, which we don't - not enough money! I will ask my husband again about it to get details clear - I've been away and forgotten! I've not tried the member lists yet.
Annette Wilson
5 Oct 2007 10:40PM

Hi Susan, I am one of the coordinators of the Edinburgh & Lothians group. I had difficulty accessing the member list and contacted CThA who told me to first log on to members area, then go to the home page and then go to local groups and your own group and you should have a list available to you from there. It is only available to coordinators. I used to be a computer programmer and it would appear to me that if you chose another route to get to the local group page other than the one above you will not get the list. This is a bug in the system!! It has not been tested properly. However you should be able to get a list - at least I did eventually. The problem I have is that it seems to be up to us to pull the information when we need it, compare the list to our old one, recognise new members, maintain our email distribution lists. It would be much more useful to me if we were notified once or twice a year of new members and leavers. As for money, we have never claimed expenses for the local group and have always been self funding as we were told we had to be, so imagine our surprise when we discovered that everyone else has been claiming expenses!! I am not at all impressed with the level of support that we've had this year. It is likely that this group will fold at the end of this year, and there will be 170 members who are worse off again as a result.
Susan Hill
5 Oct 2007 11:27PM

Hi Annette How nice to hear from someone in the Edinburgh area. All my mother's family are from Edinburgh and I was a student there. Big thank you for the step-by-step guidance. I have managed to print it off - hurray! I didn't know about having to go through the home page once I'd logged on. Makes interesting reading. I have about a third fewer members than a year ago. All good wishes Susan
Angela Rawlins
7 Oct 2007 11:46AM

Hi Anette Don't let your group fold. I have taken over a group that had run down from 20+ members to only four or five attendants. I'm pleased to say that I have a lot more attending. I have decided that as I am on my own with this group that its MY group. I invite any therapist who wants to come to the meetings whether they are CThA members or not. Regulation is coming very quickly and all complementary therapist need a supportive group. AND on that theme - where is the information about whats going on????????? My group has got Edith Maskil giving a talk on regulation in November as she seems the only person willing to spend the time and effort on our education. You can get her email from the site if you'd like information - she's very happy to help. I do know of one CThA group that has converted to the FHT!
Angela Rawlins
10 Oct 2007 4:29PM

What a pain in the proverbial that was! Trying to print it off:(( Prints one page, next ones flung out, till - eventually I've got a complete list - all over my desk!! Would be a good idea for them to get the members email address AND indicate which ones are new!
Lindsay Hilton
30 Nov 2007 1:11AM

I'm the local group co-ordinator for the North Wilts/South Glos Group and have been for the last 4 years. It has always been difficult to extract information concerning the membership. When Pat Terry was around, I used to get a spreadsheet of members occasionally but I had to then compare it with my previous lists to find out the new members. This never gave details of date of joining or the therapies practiced. I have repeatedly asked for access to a database. As long as this holds details of date of joining, email addresses, therapies practiced, life would be very easy. To simply provide us with access to a list of labels is ridiculous. I have never claimed expenses as all correspondence is done by email and via the forum on the website which I have asked the members I am aware of to make sure they ask to be advised of any new postings by clicking on the purple envelope - a facility I noticed disappeared from the website for a long time. When I spoke a while ago to the IT people at Embody they didn't seem to understand why I would want this information - it's simple - a list of current members, their email addresses and their therapies allows me to let everyone know of upcoming events and also allows me to target specific therapists for specialist talks and meetings. i have heard nothing since. At the moment I am not intending to continue co-ordinating the group for next year and this December's talk is the last that has been organised. I find this very sad but our numbers are dwindling because I can't access the new member information. If someone in IT suggests I print off the labels I will scream. I hope someone from the group will want to continue for next year but I don't have the time to search label lists. Yours despairingly Lindsay Hilton
Angela Rawlins
30 Nov 2007 9:48AM

Lindsay I whole heartedly agree with everything you say. However, please try to keep the group going, next year when 'Regulation' comes in every therapist will need our groups for support - cos we don't seem to be getting much else where. I run Three Counties Border group. When I took over a year ago, our membership had diminished quite considerably. Each meeting has variable attendees - people only seem to attend when they like the talk, so I do try and get different speakers. I also find it hard to keep a track on members, I put messages on the forum hoping other members will read them. I email members with newsletters and anything that I feel they might like to know, I don't get replies, only very occasionally.
Gillian Kenyon
1 Feb 2008 10:56AM

Copy of thread reply to George Barwood regarding the promotions offers - we need to be raising this with the membership to see what it thinks - I have just been very disappointed to find that EMBODY have just offered the ASDA deal to all its members but has not declared what payment has been made by ASDA to EMBODY. Up until last night, I have been involved with a promotions house who were negotiating this deal and yesterday morning received verbal confirmation that the promotions house would be getting a PAID contract to deliver the exact same offer. Please note: The H Club would have been offering its members the opportunity to participate for free and without payment from the promotions house or to the promotions house. Has ASDA made EMBODY the payment that it would have made to the above mentioned promotions house, who now inform me the contract was suddenly withdrawn yesterday ?. Alternately, has EMBODY received this approach from another marketing promotions house - if that is the case, why should the membership pay EMBODY to register to participate ?. Please can I also enquire if EMBODY intends to continue generating work for us in this way and if it is thus going to become a marketing promotions house itself. Will you be receiving payment from the companies involved and getting we therepists to do the work for free - or should I say by paying £20 each to you to be listed on the EMBODY FOR YOU site - am I missing something or do we not already pay for that in our membership fee ?. I have been involved with numerous marketing promotions houses for several years now and know that the sums they get paid are quite considerable, whilst The H Club has never had to make a payment to be listed with them. The H Club runs a call centre and matching service for its member practitioners on these types of schemes - again a FREE service to our club practitioners. Is EMBODY also going to do this for the promotions it runs ?. If not, how are the voucher holders going to be screened and safety and security of the practitioners address details etc maintained ?. Can you answer why we are being asked to pay EMBODY for registration and participation in these schemes when we are already paying you our membership fees?. Can you also answer why we are being asked to pay further charges at £20 per year for registration on a promotion where EMBODY is not doing anything for us and is probably getting the payment that would otherwise have been made to a promotions house who worked to recruit and service the scheme ?.
Annette Wilson
2 Mar 2008 10:37PM

Annette in Edinburgh here again, I have had some response from CThA to say that this whole area is being looked into. However, I have just realised that my member list is so out of date that I have not been contacting over 50 new members as I do not have their email ids. So no wonder attendance at our meetings has dwindled!! I also have 36 'old' members on my list some of whom still appear on the Embody public website - so I do not know whether they are members or not. And how useless is that address label list ? It's not even in alphabetical order for easy comparison to my existing list. All I want is an up to date list of members with their details - names, addresses, membership nos, email ids, and yes - therapies would be useful too. Is it too much to ask?
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