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Posted by: Jon Critoph, 26 Sep 2005 9:59AM
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Speakers for 2006 - Urgent response required

Dear fellow coordinators, this could be just what you are waiting for to help sort out your calendar of events for nest year. As coordinator for the High Wycombe group I have been very busy looking for and contacting speakers to corm and talk to our local group. This coming year we are really pushing the boat out and going for some excellent speakers but we may need your help (all will be explained shortly!) This October we are celebrating 10 years of running the High Wycombe and District group so Heather and I are really excited and amazed at how quickly the first 10 years has gone. So we set about contacting speakers for the coming year. I have found Kindred Spirit magazine to be an excellent source of speakers and many are amazed to be asked. The problem with many articles today is that it just gives you an e-mail address to contact them by and this gives no clues as to where they are coming from on the planet. This is where the challenges started to arise as I found one lady was based in Australia and another man in India, but amazingly they are very happy to travel and even look at making it the start of work they can do in the UK. It would really help if they of course could spread the cost across a number of talks and workshops across the UK. I am busy contacting major exhibition and conference organisers to see if there is room on their programmes and Have also contacted Alternatives in London to see about their venue. This is where you could all help and also have most if not all your calendar of events sorted out for you. Below is a short extract on each of the speakers we have located and at present dates are flexible but will be from January to mid July next year. Please can you read through the details and let me know (jon@critophj.freeserve.co.uk ) if there are some of interest to you and if so the dates of your planned meetings. As you can appreciate this is a mammoth task but one I feel is beneficial for all our local members and of course the speakers too. So here we go The Venus Sequence (based around The Human Design System) - Inez McLeary (Glasgow) and Jon Critoph (High Wycombe)The Venus Sequence is a method that can help anyone to change patterns in their lives. It can finally bring resolution to the issues in our lives that cause us the deepest suffering - classic examples might be - difficulties in relationships, family disputes, money problems and health issues. If you want to know more why not visit www.genekeys.co.uk Reverse speech therapy Karina Kaiser (Australia) Karina is very happy to come over as the main and only one of 7 practitioners in the world of this amazing therapy. It involves recording speech and then playing it back at various speeds and hearing what is encoded in the speech when played backwards. Don't just take my word for it visit her web site and listen to the clips on there. www.reversespeechinternational.com Harp therapy with Julie darling (West Yorkshire) This is the fascinating combination of therapy and harp music that has been using as part of a healing or even taking people who are dying through the veil of death. Find out more at http://harprealm.com Below are some of the topics that Raymond Prohs who is American and lives in India can deliver. I was particularly drawn by the first one which is an Indian version of Feng Shui. He really sounds a lovely man with much in depth experience to share. . Vaastu (architectural design), including:. Principles & Practices, its History, and How-To's . Ayurveda (the science of health), including:. The Ancient Natural Tradition, its Principles &Practices, its History, and How-To's . The Inner Mechanisms of Healing & Good Health, According to the Vedas . A Healers & Health Practitioners Workshop on: how to de-charge Negativity (the negativity that naturally comes as a by-product of healing /helping a patient/client, which can hinder or obstruct the practitioner's personal experience and the quality of his/her practice). . Jyotish (Vedic astrology), Its Practical Applications, including: as an adjunct diagnostic tool used in conjunction with Ayurveda, Vaastu, etc. to create masterful living. . The Vedic Tradition, including: 1. The Practical Philosophy & Modern "Myth-Interpretations" 2. The Secrets of the Divine Lineage 3. Specific Sadhana (spiritual practices) 4. Rituals: yagyam (fire ceremonies), arati (celebrations of light) and puja (devotional rituals). Facial Reflexology - Nikke Ariff Face Reflexology is a new generation complementary therapy that combines looking good with feeling good. It is a unique treatment that combines three ancient alternative therapies: Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese and Andean tribal body maps. The success and effectiveness of Face Reflexology lies in its ability to identify the root cause of your health imbalances and its ability to stimulate a healing process within the individual using the balancing properties of the above three disciplines. Devised by Lone Sorensen Lopez, herself a multi disciplinary therapist, she has worked to combine these therapies to heal the individual on all levels; physically and psychologically. As the treatment is all performed on the face, naturally the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and nerve stimulation result in a glowing complexion and improved health! www.Facereflexology.com If you want to finds out more about any of these treatments either visit the web sites or get yourself a copy of Kindred Spirit edition July/August and have a read. I am still also happy to come and deliver talks on Marketing for the practitioners running a successful practice. I now run a busy practice in Marlow (www.marlow-healthcare.co.uk ) I can also do a talk on the trip I made to do therapy work in Bosnia after the war was over in 1998 (I know some of our IGPP members have one out there and have excellent experiences as a result. I also deliver a talk (which can be followed up with a workshop) which is entitled "Life's unseen signposts" which is all about how life is trying to talk to us all the time and we so often fail to notice. Start taking notice and watch your life improve in quality. Please come back to me as soon as you can so we can try and arrange a schedule for these speakers to come over from around the world Here's to a very successful year for all the local support groups that you all work so hard to provide the valuable networking and family feeling for all our practitioners Jon Critoph


Peta Thorniley
12 Oct 2005 1:16PM

Dear Jon This is a very good idea and I would like to be able to spread the word to the other local groups and many don't use the forums. I will ask Pat Terry to contact you to see if she can copy what you have written and email/mail the other local groups. We at head office are also looking for speakers for a number of lecture programs for next year so if you come across anyone like these people again please can you also direct them to us. Sounds like you will be having a great 10th anniversary. Let me know if we can help Many thanks Peta
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