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Posted by: Keith A. Meager, 25 Feb 2011 11:52AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hi All, I have just started using the CThA emailing facility to make contact with my membership, and have to say that once one gets used to it, it really is quite good. Our last meeting certainly saw a larger turnout and also some positive response from non-attendees. However, I am wondering if, like me, you have members who are not CThA members, and therefore will not receive CThA emails. I do in fact have quite a few, e.g. Counsellors, Pharmacists etc. Up to now I have been using some software called Mail Machine which sits on my website. This of course is only as good as the number of email addresses on its database. I can see no other way now than to duplicate, reaching CThA members via CThA mailer, and the remainder via mail machine. In some cases members receive duplicate mail, e.g. CThA members who are not known to be such by me, will receive the same information twice. Not Good! (This will opf course right itself in time). I now draft all my emails in MS Word thus enabling me to copy and paste into emails, onto Forums, and our own Facebook pages. I am interested to know if any of you have found a better solution than me? If not then maybe my method could help you to reach a wider audience. Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. In light & peace. Keith A Meager Co-Ordinator. Exeter Torbay & District + Former Mid Devon Group. The Reiki Journey. www.reiki-journey.co.uk email:- enquiries@reiki-journey.co.uk Mob: 07738 197606


Angela Rawlins
25 Feb 2011 6:50PM

Hi Keith I set up an email account for my group a few years ago and add anyone who wishes to receive notifications. I'm not a brilliant IT-er:( and it takes a long winded approach and would be glad of any advice. What bugs me is the adverts of courses that seem to get posted on every ones area forum in spite of the area! I only wish coordinators had the facility to remove postings.
Keith A. Meager
25 Feb 2011 7:10PM

Hi, Yes I do likewise. The problem with using ones own records alone is that we cannot possibly have the email addresses of all CThA members in our particular catchment. I have found using the copy and paste method from a word document is the most straightforward. This method does work, but I am very interested to see if anyone has a better way. Should that prove to be the case, maybe we could all benefit from an effective and efficient method to communicate with all our members whether or not they are CThA members. best Wishes, Keith Meager
Angela Pilborough
15 Mar 2011 5:32PM

Hi keith I use the copy and paste method and keep list of emails too. sorry not to be able to find a quicker alternative to offer you. regards angela[eastern region]
Angela Rawlins
23 Sep 2011 4:48PM

Hi Yes I really find the group email facility useful BUT I would SO love the ability to block spam, delete old email and how about CThA actually checking if 'our' group members really are in our area and deleting defunct memberships??
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