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Posted by: Angela Smith, 24 May 2012 12:25PM
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Achilles and calf pain

Any suggestions, please...swelling/lump on achilles tendon which has developed since cartilage damage and subsequent knee arthroscopy last year. GP has diagnosed 'trauma/tendonitis'. Stiffness and soreness in legs and ankles on movement which improves with exercise though suffers from sharp pain through the ankles and feet during rest. Has fairly active lifestyle and uses stretches advised by physio. Lower legs are tight and feet have high insteps. I've tried acupuncture, CST, use of tens machine on calves, reflexology and massage which has helped some. Feel I'm caught in treating symptoms and would appreciate holistic perspective/feedback... thanks


Catherine Hunt
25 May 2012 11:33AM

Hi Angela I read your request and would like to offer my recent personal experience which i hope helps, from a client's point of view. I've had my own 'unidentified' source of lower back pain and had massage, osteopathy, rolfing and now physio treatment. I have 'what would you say to yourself if you were a client of your's' conversations with myself and have 'client consulted' my own symptoms. I have looked at the potential physical, emotional, even spiritual, causes to find the root. It's all relevant but last weekend something 'clicked' as it were. I went out for the night with a friend to an event. The band were great and towards the end of the evening I got up to dance. My lower back pain has been easing ever since!! I can't say it was the dancing alone, the massage, osteo etc, have all played their part. I feel it's addressing the issues for what they are, why they have manifested and also how to best prevent for future comfort. Reading your notes, as a Reflexologist I'm thinking Sciatic nerve connection, but it could also be footwear, the way your client is walking as well as if they are feeling grounded and settled in themselves and their life. My LBP has been a culmination of 2 years of neglect in not doing those things that keep me tip top, a slow decline I didn't become away of until I had time to notice it. I think too often we categorise and diagnose and then treat which can isolate the issues which are all inter-connected. The bigger picture is that sometimes it's not about what we need to do, but what we need not to do. You could try exploring the case from the emotional aspect each step of the way to find connections, how do they feel about the surgery, their progress, why it manifested in the first place to have to have surgery, why me, why not me, etc etc. And if this is out of your remit, refer to another practitioner more suited to supporting this stage of the client's progression back to homeostasis. Sometimes in trying to help clients I wonder if we miss out on being aware that at times it's the not doing that can really help. best wishes Cat
Angela Smith
25 May 2012 1:57PM

Thank you Cat for your personal and powerful feedback. Interesting you should mention dancing. There is definately something about a lack of rhythm...and she has gone through a recent bereavement so I guess no wonder. 'Out of step' I feel I need to step back and relax with this. Thank you
Carla Hanreck
26 May 2012 8:35PM

Hi, one thought: I heard someone link Gall Bladder (meridian) to the calves which I had not heard before. Interesting it is when she rests- does she feel guilty, akward, annoyed she has to rest? Weird but try rubbing a stainless steel spoon in a figure of 8 pattern on her bare feet - it discharges static and brings us back to earth. We can do it on ourselves. Magnetic soles might be a thought - dont have a source to recommend though. I always say, `where the pain is isnt where the problem is` - look at the higher or lower joints.
Laura Jayne Mawdsley
27 May 2012 9:49AM

Oethodontics maybe a sensible way forward to correct foot placement. This may have contributed to initial problem and subsequent holding patterns. Running specialist podiatrist seem to be very good.
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