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Posted by: Jennifer Gill, 18 Dec 2016 9:58AM
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Advice on hot stones

Hi all, studying Comp therapy at college and am looking to buy a hot stone kit. I have seen a heater and stones I like. This is fine for clients coming to me, but I am wondering how I can transport the heated stones to clients house. Do you think a regular insulated bag would do - all the heated bags online seem to be over £200! Thanks for advice in advance x


Linda Morrissey
18 Dec 2016 10:46PM

Congratulations on your Hot stone work Regarding your question - what did your Tutor advise you ? I would also suggest that perhaps you heat them at home prior to a treatment - then empty out the water and transport the heater and the stones together - as you will need to have the heater to maintain the heat during the treatment won't you ? Not really sure what the purpose of the mega bucks insulated bag is ........... Couldn't you just use a insulated picnic bag / box that would be cheaper. Really don't know what else to say - I just saw that you weren't getting any replies ..... Good luck - with whatever you decide !
Angela Lewis
19 Dec 2016 1:45PM

Vulsini make and sell a hot stone case. I have one. They supply an in car adaptor so you can heat the stones on your way to your client. It does away with water! Hope this helps. Angela Lewis in Cornwall
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